IFP Energies nouvelles International Conference: LES4ICE 2012 - Large Eddy Simulation for Internal Combustion Engine Flows
Open Access
Oil Gas Sci. Technol. – Rev. IFP Energies nouvelles
Volume 69, Number 1, January-February 2014
IFP Energies nouvelles International Conference: LES4ICE 2012 - Large Eddy Simulation for Internal Combustion Engine Flows
Page(s) 83 - 105
DOI https://doi.org/10.2516/ogst/2013121
Published online 27 November 2013
  • URL http://www.agence-nationale-recherche.fr/projet-anr/? tx Iwmsuivibilan_pi%5BCODE%5D=ANR-10-VPTT-0002 [Google Scholar]
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