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Controlling effect of pore-throat structures on tight oil accumulation effectiveness in the upper Cretaceous Qingshankou formation, Songliao Basin

Jingya Zhang, Shizhen Tao, Songtao Wu, et al.
Geoenergy Science and Engineering 225 211689 (2023)

Classifications of the Reservoir Space of Tight Sandstone Based on Pore Structure, Connectivity, and Fractal Character: A Case Study from the Chang 7 Member of the Triassic Yanchang Formation in the Ordos Basin, China

Wei Wang, Weizhen Li and Shuang Xu
ACS Omega 7 (12) 10627 (2022)

Impacts of pore-throat spaces on movable fluid: Implications for understanding the tight oil exploitation process

Yiqian Qu, Wei Sun, Hanning Wu, et al.
Marine and Petroleum Geology 137 105509 (2022)

Investigation on Pore Structure and Permeability of Concrete–Rock Interfacial Transition Zones Based on Fractal Theory

Juan Yue, Jinchang Sheng, Huimin Wang, et al.
Fractal and Fractional 6 (6) 329 (2022)

Pore structure changes induced by hydrate dissociation: An example of the unconsolidated clayey-silty hydrate bearing sediment reservoir in the South China Sea

Xin Lei, Yanbin Yao, Xuwen Qin, et al.
Marine Geology 443 106689 (2022)

Evaluation of NiO/TALC Catalytic performance in carbon dioxide reforming of methane

Mohd Razali Shamsuddin, Nurul Asikin-Mijan, Mohd Izham Saiman, et al.
Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 122 106 (2021)

The impact of cement on argillaceous rocks in radioactive waste disposal systems: A review focusing on key processes and remaining issues

James Wilson, Keith Bateman and Yukio Tachi
Applied Geochemistry 130 104979 (2021)

Molecular mechanics of the swelling clay tactoid under compression, tension and shear

H.M. Nasrullah Faisal, Kalpana S. Katti and Dinesh R. Katti
Applied Clay Science 200 105908 (2021)

Evolution of the pH value at the vicinity of the iron-bentonite interface

Stephan Kaufhold, Reiner Dohrmann and Christian Weber
Applied Clay Science 201 105929 (2021)

Promoting dry reforming of methane via bifunctional NiO/dolomite catalysts for production of hydrogen-rich syngas

Mohd Razali Shamsuddin, Nurul Asikin-Mijan, Tengku Sharifah Marliza, et al.
RSC Advances 11 (12) 6667 (2021)

The impacts of diagenetic facies on reservoir quality in tight sandstones

Dazhong Ren, Liang Sun, Rongxi Li and Dengke Liu
Open Geosciences 12 (1) 1060 (2020)

Pore-throat structure characteristics and its effect on flow behavior in Gaotaizi tight siltstone reservoir, northern Songliao Basin

Jingya Zhang, Guangdi Liu, Ole Torsaeter, et al.
Marine and Petroleum Geology 122 104651 (2020)

SEM study of the early stages of Fe-bentonite corrosion—The role of naturally present reactive silica

S. Kaufhold, A. Schippers, A. Marx and R. Dohrmann
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Microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of manganate nanoflowers for selective retention of strontium

Delhia Alby, Fabrice Salles, Amine Geneste, et al.
Journal of Hazardous Materials 368 661 (2019)

Water Retention and Pore Size Distribution of a Biopolymeric‐Amended Loam Soil

Mehdi Rahmati, Andreas Pohlmeier, Sara Mola Ali Abasiyan, Lutz Weihermüller and Harry Vereecken
Vadose Zone Journal 18 (1) 1 (2019)

Quartz cement origins and impact on storage performance in Permian Upper Shihezi Formation tight sandstone reservoirs in the northern Ordos Basin, China

Dengke Liu, Wei Sun, Dazhong Ren and Changzheng Li
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 178 485 (2019)

Dissolution of Illite in Supercritical CO2–Saturated Water: Implications for Clayey Caprock Stability in CO2 Geological Storage

Yi Du, Shuxun Sang, Wenfeng Wang, Shiqi Liu and Tian Wang
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Influence of preparation methods on textural properties of purified bentonite

Liaqat Ali Shah, Maria das Graça da Silva Valenzuela, Muhammad Farooq, Shaukat Ali Khattak and Francisco Rolando Valenzuela Díaz
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Impacts of clay on pore structure, storage and percolation of tight sandstones from the Songliao Basin, China: Implications for genetic classification of tight sandstone reservoirs

Dianshi Xiao, Shu Jiang, David Thul, et al.
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The changing pore size distribution of swelling and shrinking soil revealed by nuclear magnetic resonance relaxometry

Fugang Shi, Congzhi Zhang, Jiabao Zhang, Xiangning Zhang and Jian Yao
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Measurement of Swelling of Individual Smectite Tactoids in situ using Atomic Force Microscopy

Diana S. Arndt, Michael Mattei, Christopher A. Heist and Molly M. McGuire
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Classifying Multiscale Pores and Investigating Their Relationship with Porosity and Permeability in Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoirs

Dianshi Xiao, Shuangfang Lu, Jinxiu Yang, Luchuan Zhang and Bo Li
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Temperature dependence of the solidification enthalpy as experimentally determined between 245 and 203K for montmorillonite-water systems

Tomasz Kozlowski
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Influence of interlayer cations on structural properties of montmorillonites: A dispersion-corrected density functional theory study

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Water distribution characteristic and effect on methane adsorption capacity in shale clay

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Competitive effect of the metallic canister and clay barrier on the sorption of Eu3+ under subcritical conditions

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Impact of iron-reducing bacteria on the properties of argillites in the context of radioactive waste geological disposal

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Role of a clay sediment deposit on the passivity of carbon steel in 0.1moldm−3 NaHCO3 solutions

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Metallic corrosion processes reactivation sustained by iron-reducing bacteria: Implication on long-term stability of protective layers

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CO2 Geological storage in saline aquifers: Paraná Basin caprock and reservoir chemical reactivity

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Élimination des composés organiques par des argiles locales

Zohra Dali-Youcef, Hassiba Bouabdasselem and Nourredine Bettahar
Comptes Rendus. Chimie 9 (10) 1295 (2006)