Dossier: IFP International Workshop "Gas-Water-Rock Interactions Induced by Reservoir Exploitation, CO2 Sequestration, and other Geological Storage"
Open Access
Oil & Gas Science and Technology - Rev. IFP
Volume 60, Numéro 1, January-February 2005
Dossier: IFP International Workshop "Gas-Water-Rock Interactions Induced by Reservoir Exploitation, CO2 Sequestration, and other Geological Storage"
Page(s) 9 - 18
Publié en ligne 1 décembre 2006
  • F. May. Alteration of Wall Rocks by CO2-Rich Water Ascending in Fault Zones: Natural Analogues for Reactions Induced by CO2 Migrating along Faults in Siliciclastic Reservoir and Cap Rocks. [Google Scholar]
  • R.S. Haszeldine, O. Quinn, G. England, M. Wilkinson, Z.K. Shipton, J.P. Evans, J. Heath, L. Crossey, C.J. Ballentine and C.M. Graham. Natural Geochemical Analogues for Carbon Dioxide Storage in Deep Geological Porous Reservoirs, a United Kingdom Perspective. [Google Scholar]
  • H.G. Machel. Geological and Hydrogeological Evaluation of the Nisku Q-Pool in Alberta, Canada, for H2S and/or CO2 Storage. [Google Scholar]
  • F. Roure, R. Swennen, F. Schneider, J.L. Faure, H. Ferket, N. Guilhaumou, K. Osadetz, Ph. Robion and V. Vandeginste. Incidence and Importance of Tectonics and Natural Fluid Migration on Reservoir Evolution in Foreland Fold-and- Thrust Belts. [Google Scholar]
  • M. Jullien, J. Raynal, É. Kohler and O. Bildstein. Physicochemical Reactivity in Clay-Rich Materials: Tools for Safety Assessment. [Google Scholar]
  • P. Marschall, S. Horseman and T. Gimmi. Characterisation of Gas Transport Properties of the Opalinus Clay, a Potential Host Rock for Radioactive Waste Disposal. [Google Scholar]
  • C.D. Tsakiroglou, M.A. Theodoropoulou and V. Karoutsos. Buoyancy-Driven Chaotic Regimes During Solute Dispersion in Pore Networks. [Google Scholar]
  • K. Bateman, G. Turner, J.M. Pearce, D.J. Noy, D. Birchall and C.A. Rochelle. Large-Scale Column Experiment: Study of CO2, Porewater, Rock Reactions and Model Test Case. [Google Scholar]
  • C. Noiriel, D. Bernard, Ph. Gouze and X. Thibault. Hydraulic Properties and Microgeometry Evolution Accompanying Limestone Dissolution by Acidic Water. [Google Scholar]
  • N. Jacquemet, J. Pironon and E. Caroli. A New Experimental Procedure for Simulation of H2S + CO2 Geological Storage. Application to Well Cement Aging. [Google Scholar]
  • C. Frima, I. Moretti, É. Brosse, F. Quattrocchi and L. Pizzino. Can Diagenetic Processes Influence the Short Term Hydraulic Behaviour Evolution of a Fault? [Google Scholar]
  • V. Lagneau, A. Pipart and H. Catalette. Reactive Transport Modelling of CO2 Sequestration in Deep Saline Aquifers. [Google Scholar]
  • N. Zwingmann, S. Mito, M. Sorai and T. Ohsumi. Preinjection Characterisation and Evaluation of CO2 Sequestration Potential in the Haizume Formation, Niigata Basin, Japan: Geochemical Modelling of Water-Minerals- CO2 Interaction. [Google Scholar]
  • J.M. Ketzer, B. Carpentier, Y. Le Gallo and P. Le Thiez. Geological Sequestration of CO2 in Mature Hydrocarbon Fields: Basin and Reservoir Numerical Modelling of the Forties Field, North Sea. [Google Scholar]
  • L. Richard, N. Neuville, J. Sterpenich, E. Perfetti and J.C. Lacharpagne. Thermodynamic Analysis of Organic/Inorganic Reactions Involving Sulfur: Implications for the Sequestration of H2S in Carbonate Reservoirs. [Google Scholar]
  • É. Brosse, C. Magnier and B. Vincent. Reducing Uncertainty of Geochemical Modelling for a Better Prediction of CO2 Fate after Geological Sequestration: The Role of Mineral Surface Area. [Google Scholar]
  • L. Trotignon, A. Didot, O. Bildstein, V. Lagneau and Y. Margerit. Design of a 2-D Cementation Experiment in Porous Medium Using Numerical Simulation. [Google Scholar]
  • B. Lecerf, N. Flamant, M. Ziauddin, W. Frenier. A Method for Assessing the Impact of Secondary and Tertiary Reactions on Sandstone Acidizing Treatments. [Google Scholar]
  • J. Dubessy, A. Tarantola and J. Sterpenich. Modelling of Liquid-Vapour Equilibria in the H2O-CO2-NaCl and H2OH2S- NaCl Systems to 270°C. [Google Scholar]
  • C. Kervévan, M. Azaroual and P. Durst. Improvement of the Calculation Accuracy of Acid Gas Solubility in Deep Reservoir Brines: Application to the Geological Storage of CO2. [Google Scholar]
  • F. Renard, E. Gundersen, R. Hellmann, M. Collombet and Y. Le Guen. Numerical Modeling of the Effect of Carbon Dioxide Sequestration on the Rate of Pressure Solution Creep in Limestone: Preliminary Results. [Google Scholar]
  • E. Nourtier-Mazauric, B. Guy, B. Fritz, É. Brosse, D. Garcia and A. Clément. Modelling the Dissolution/Precipitation of Ideal Solid Solutions. [Google Scholar]
  • H. Toulhoat, M. Digne, C. Arrouvel and P. Raybaud. DFT Studies of Fluid-Minerals Interactions at the Molecular Level: Examples and Perspectives. [Google Scholar]

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