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Development of explicit models to predict methane hydrate equilibrium conditions in pure water and brine solutions: A machine learning approach

Mostafa Hosseini and Yuri Leonenko
Chemical Engineering Science 286 119603 (2024)

Robust and comprehensive predictive models for methane hydrate formation condition in the presence of brines using black-box and white-box intelligent techniques

Marzieh Rashnavadi Nezhad, Mohammad Amin Moradkhani, Behrouz Bayati and Mohammadreza Valizadeh
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Experimental and modeling investigations on CH4 hydrate phase equilibria in multi-ion “Haima” cold seep environment

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Exploring Machine Learning Techniques for Accurate Prediction of Methane Hydrate Formation Temperature in Brine: A Comparative Study

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A Precise Thermodynamic Approach for Calculating Activity of Water in the Presence of Aqueous Alcohol + Salt Solutions and its Application to Gas Hydrate Dissociation Modeling

Foroozan Keshavarzi, Ali Rasoolzadeh and Khashayar Nasrifar
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Compositional Simulation for Carbon Storage in Porous Media Using an Electrolyte Association Equation of State

Wei Xiong, Lie-Hui Zhang, Yu-Long Zhao, Shao-Mu Wen, Kai Bao, Olav Møyner and Knut-Andreas Lie
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Formulating Noncovalent Interactions for Gas Hydrates with Electrolytes: A New Approach of Stability Analysis

Harshal J. Dongre and Amiya K. Jana
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Thermodynamic Modeling of Methane Hydrate Phase Equilibria in Chloride and Bromide Solutions

Dnyaneshwar R. Bhawangirkar
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Ethane (1) -Water (2) Solubility Modeling and New Water Content Measurements of Liquid Ethane in Equilibrium with Water and Hydrates

Abdulla Alassi, Antonin Chapoy and Rod Burgass
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A reliable model to predict the methane-hydrate equilibrium: An updated database and machine learning approach

Mostafa Hosseini and Yuri Leonenko
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 173 113103 (2023)

Water content measurements for liquid propane in equilibrium with water or hydrates: New measurements & evaluation of literature data

Abdulla Alassi, Rod Burgass and Antonin Chapoy
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Ruyi Zheng, Xiaoli Li and Shahin Negahban
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A Review of Electrolyte Equations of State with Emphasis on Those Based on Cubic and Cubic-Plus-Association (CPA) Models

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An Accurate Model to Calculate CO2 Solubility in Pure Water and in Seawater at Hydrate–Liquid Water Two-Phase Equilibrium

Mengyao Di, Rui Sun, Lantao Geng and Wanjun Lu
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Coarsening reduction strategies to stabilize CO2-foam formed with a zwitterionic surfactant in porous media

Leandro F. Lopes, Juliana M.F. Façanha, Luis Maqueira, Felipe R.T. Ribeiro and Aurora Pérez-Gramatges
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AdaBoost Metalearning Methodology for Modeling the Incipient Dissociation Conditions of Clathrate Hydrates

Sepehr Keshvari, Saeid Abedi Farizhendi, Mohammad M. Ghiasi and Amir H. Mohammadi
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Subsurface Carbon Dioxide Sequestration and Storage in Methane Hydrate Reservoirs Combined with Clean Methane Energy Recovery

Prashant Jadhawar, Jinhai Yang, Antonin Chapoy and Bahman Tohidi
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Modeling the equilibrium of two and three-phase systems including water, alcohol, and hydrocarbons with CPA EOS and its improvement for electrolytic systems by Debye-Huckel equation

Sina Avaji, Mohammad Javad Amani and Mojtaba Ghaedi
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PC-SAFT/UNIQUAC model assesses formation condition of methane hydrate in the presence of imidazolium-based ionic liquid systems

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An insight into the role of the association equations of states in gas hydrate modeling: a review

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Prediction of Gas Hydrate Formation Conditions in the Presence of Electrolytes Using an N-NRTL-NRF Activity Coefficient Model

Siguang Li, Yanjun Li, Jiaqi Wang, Kun Ge and Longbin Yang
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Solubility Modeling of Air in Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions with the e-CPA Equation of State

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Effect of Ion Valency on the Properties of the Carbon Dioxide–Methane–Brine System

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Prediction of clathrate hydrate phase equilibria using gradient boosted regression trees and deep neural networks

Yongchen Song, Hang Zhou, Pengfei Wang and Mingjun Yang
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Multiphase flash calculations for gas hydrates systems

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pH of CO 2 saturated water and CO 2 saturated brines: Experimental measurements and modelling

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Universal correlation for gas hydrates suppression temperature of inhibited systems: I. Single salts

Yue Hu, Bo Ram Lee and Amadeu K. Sum
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Modeling vapor-liquid phase equilibria of methane-water and methane-carbon dioxide-water systems at 274K to 573K and 0.1 to 150 MPa using PRSV equation of state and Wong-Sandler mixing rule

Haining Zhao
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Modeling of stability conditions of natural gas clathrate hydrates using least squares support vector machine approach

Mohammad M. Ghiasi, Hamidreza Yarveicy, Milad Arabloo, Amir H. Mohammadi and Reza M. Behbahani
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Measurement and modelling of interfacial tension in methane/water and methane/brine systems at reservoir conditions

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Modeling hydrate-containing phase equilibria for mixtures with sulfur dioxide or alkali halides

Sun Hyung Kim, Jeong Won Kang and Chul Soo Lee
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Kinetic effect of single MgCl2 and NaCl aqueous solutions on ethane hydrate formation

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