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Pipeline Slurry Transportation System: An Overview

N. V. K. Reddy, J. K. Pothal, R. Barik and P. K. Senapati
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Enhancing Heavy Crude Oil Flow in Pipelines through Heating-Induced Viscosity Reduction in the Petroleum Industry

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The deasphalting of heavy crude oil by silicone oil is a green method of removing heavy compounds and producing bitumen

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Effect of modified γ-Fe2O3 magnetic nanoparticles on the stability of heavy oil-in-water emulsions

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Effect of the down-slope on the structure and the pressure loss of an oil-water stream

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Phase equilibria of water-hydrocarbon (pentane to heavy oils) systems in the near-critical and supercritical water regions - A literature review

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Effect of non-ionic surfactants on the transport properties of an emulsified heavy oil

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Transient measurement and modeling of integrated capillary viscometer for live oils at high temperatures with volumetric constraints

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Predictive correlations for heat transfer characteristics of oil-water horizontal pipe flow-an experimental study

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Transport of Heavy Oil by Applying of Solar Energy

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Evaluation of laminar flow of surfactant-stabilized bitumen-in-water emulsion in pipe using computational fluid dynamics: Effects of water content and salinity

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Demulsification of Colombian Heavy Crude Oil (W/O) Emulsions: Insights into the Instability Mechanisms, Chemical Structure, and Performance of Different Commercial Demulsifiers

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Synthesis and Performance Evaluation of a Nanocomposite Pour-Point Depressant and Viscosity Reducer for High-Pour-Point Heavy Oil

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Eco-efficient rheological improvement of heavy crude oil using lactam based ionic liquids at high temperature high pressure condition

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Computational fluid dynamic analysis for investigating the influence of pipe curvature on erosion rate prediction during crude oil production

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Future prediction & estimation of faults occurrences in oil pipelines by using data clustering with time series forecasting

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Determination of the Transportation Limits of Heavy Crude Oil Using Three Combined Methods of Heating, Water Blending, and Dilution

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Processing of Heavy Crude Oils - Challenges and Opportunities

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Demulsification of water-in-oil emulsions by exposure to magnetic field

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Una mirada al desarrollo de aditivos reductores de viscosidad y sus aplicaciones en el transporte de crudos pesados

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Current knowledge and potential applications of cavitation technologies for the petroleum industry

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