Dossier: Deformation of Solid Polymers
Open Access
Oil & Gas Science and Technology - Rev. IFP
Volume 61, Number 6, November-December 2006
Dossier: Deformation of Solid Polymers
Page(s) 735 - 742
Published online 01 January 2007
  • Series of International Conferences have been running for more than three decades, at roughly one per year rate: “International Gas Research Conferences”, org.: Gas Technology Institute, Des Plaines IL, USA; “Plastics Pipes”, org.: Institute of Materials, London, UK; “Plastic Pipe Fuel Gas Symposia”, org: Plastics Pipe Institute, Washington D.C., USA; “Plastic Fuel Gas Pipe Symposium”, org.: American Gas Association, Washington D.C., USA. [Google Scholar]
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