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Influence of Chemical Grafting Method on the Performance of SiO2 Nanocomposite Pour Point Depressant

ZhengNan Sun, Biao Yan, GuoLin Jing, et al.
Processes 11 (4) 1159 (2023)

The Impact of Formation Anisotropy and Stresses on Fractural Geometry—A Case Study in Jafurah’s Tuwaiq Mountain Formation (TMF), Saudi Arabia

Ali Shawaf, Vamegh Rasouli and Abdesselem Dehdouh
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Analysis of the “circular plastics economy” phenomena and its long-term implications for demand for petroleum market

Nikita O Kapustin and Dmitry A Grushevenko
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 30 (36) 85889 (2023)

Applications of Differential Effective Medium (DEM)-Driven Correlations to Estimate Elastic Properties of Jafurah Tuwaiq Mountain Formation (TMF)

Ali Shawaf, Vamegh Rasouli and Abdesselem Dehdouh
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Optimizing In Situ Combustion with Manganese (II) Oxide Nanoparticle-Catalyzed Heavy Oil Oxidation

Mohammed-Amine Khelkhal, Alexey Eskin and Mikhail Varfolomeev
Catalysts 13 (3) 491 (2023)

Effective and selective removal of carbazole from model bitumen-derived fuel via adsorption using amine-grafted metal–organic frameworks

Gyudong Lee and Sung Hwa Jhung
Journal of Molecular Liquids 390 123169 (2023)

Thermal Behavior of Heavy Oil Catalytic Pyrolysis and Aquathermolysis

Mohammed A. Khelkhal, Semen E. Lapuk, Aleksey V. Buzyurov, et al.
Catalysts 12 (4) 449 (2022)

Combustion of crude oil during in-situ burning can introduce polycyclic aromatic compounds (PACs) into small-scale freshwater systems

Nicholas C. Blandford, Lisa Peters, Lauren Timlick, José Luis Rodríguez-Gil and Vince Palace
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Unconventional hydrocarbon resources: geological statistics, petrophysical characterization, and field development strategies

Temoor Muther, Haris Ahmed Qureshi, Fahad Iqbal Syed, et al.
Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology 12 (6) 1463 (2022)

Assessing the Potential for In-Situ Burning to Introduce Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds (Pacs) into Small-Scale Freshwater Systems

Nicholas Blandford, Lisa Peters, Lauren Timlick, José Luis Rodríguez-Gil and Vince Palace
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Research progress and development trend of heavy oil emulsifying viscosity reducer: a review

Xiangyu Chen, Ning Wang and Shuqian Xia
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Securing Fuel Demand with Unconventional Oils: A Metabolic Perspective

Michele Manfroni, Sandra G.F. Bukkens and Mario Giampietro
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The declining performance of the oil sector: Implications for global climate change mitigation

Michele Manfroni, Sandra G.F. Bukkens and Mario Giampietro
Applied Energy 298 117210 (2021)

A New Model for Discriminating the Source of Produced Water from Cyclic Steam Stimulation Wells in Edge-Bottom Water Reservoirs

Yuanrui Zhu, Shijun Huang, Lun Zhao, Menglu Yang and Tong Wu
Energies 13 (11) 2683 (2020)

Behavior of Vanadium and Nickel in Hydroconversion of Vacuum Tower Bottoms over Nanosized Slurry Catalysts

Kh. M. Kadiev, L. A. Zekel’, M. Kh. Kadieva, et al.
Petroleum Chemistry 60 (9) 1009 (2020)

Fossil fuels markets in the “energy transition” era

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A long-term outlook on Russian oil industry facing internal and external challenges

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Evaluation of long-term production capacity and prospects of the oil and gas industry of Russian Federation

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