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Geochemical mechanisms of water/CO2-rock interactions in EGS and its impacts on reservoir properties: A review

Binbin Gao, Yiman Li, Zhonghe Pang, Tianming Huang, Yanlong Kong, Bin Li and Fen Zhang
Geothermics 118 102923 (2024)

Reactive Transport Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis of CO2–Rock–Brine Interactions at Ebeity Reservoir, West Kazakhstan

Nurlan Seisenbayev, Miriam Absalyamova, Alisher Alibekov and Woojin Lee
Sustainability 15 (19) 14434 (2023)

Modeling Self-Sealing Mechanisms in Fractured Carbonates Induced by CO2 Injection in Saline Aquifers

Marcos Vitor Barbosa Machado, Mojdeh Delshad and Kamy Sepehrnoori
ACS Omega 8 (51) 48925 (2023)

Dawsonite as a Temporary but Effective Sink for Geological Carbon Storage

Peng Lu, Guanru Zhang, Yi Huang, John Apps and Chen Zhu
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A multidisciplinary study of diagenesis and pore fluid evolution in frontier basins; an example from Canterbury and Great South basins, New Zealand

K.E. Higgs, R.H. Funnell and G.H. Browne
Marine and Petroleum Geology 124 104817 (2021)

Dawsonite and ankerite formation in the LDX-1 structure, Yinggehai basin, South China sea: An analogy for carbon mineralization in subsurface sandstone aquifers

Lei Yu, Keqiang Wu, Li Liu, et al.
Applied Geochemistry 120 104663 (2020)

Geological carbon sequestration: Modeling mafic rock carbonation using point-source flue gases

Daniel M. Sturmer, Regina N. Tempel and Mohamad Reza Soltanian
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 99 103106 (2020)

Experimental and numerical investigation of CO2–brine–rock interactions in the early Palaeozoic mudstones from the Polish part of the Baltic Basin at simulatedin situ conditions

Piotr Słomski, Maria Mastalerz, Jacek Szczepański, Arkadiusz Derkowski, Tomasz Topór and Marcin Lutyński
Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology 10 (3) 567 (2020)

Unique Environmental Conditions Required for Dawsonite Formation: Implications from Dawsonite Synthesis Experiments under Alkaline Conditions

Yutaro Takaya, Miao Wu and Yasuhiro Kato
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 3 (2) 285 (2019)

Distribution of mineral phases in the Eocene Green River Formation, Piceance Basin, Colorado—Implications for the evolution of Lake Uinta

Justin Birdwell, Ronald C. Johnson and Michael E. Brownfield
The Mountain Geologist 56 (2) 73 (2019)

Modeling mafic carbonation efficiency using mafic rock chemistries from Nevada, USA

Daniel M. Sturmer, Regina N. Tempel and Jonathan G. Price
Computers & Geosciences 123 149 (2019)

Petrographic and stable isotopic evidences of CO2-induced alterations in sandstones in the Lishui sag, East China Sea Basin, China

Shuang Zhao, Li Liu and Na Liu
Applied Geochemistry 90 115 (2018)

Assessment of the impact of CO2 storage in sandstone formations by experimental studies and geochemical modeling: The case of the Mesohellenic Trough, NW Greece

Nikolaos Koukouzas, Zacharenia Kypritidou, Gemma Purser, et al.
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 71 116 (2018)

The relevance of dawsonite precipitation in CO 2 sequestration in the Mihályi-Répcelak area, NW Hungary

Csilla Király, Eszter Sendula, Ágnes Szamosfalvi, et al.
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 435 (1) 405 (2018)

Thin-film dawsonite in Jurassic coal measure strata of the Yaojie coalfield, Minhe Basin, China: A natural analogue for mineral carbon storage in wet supercritical CO 2

Xiao-Ran Ming, Li Liu, Lei Yu, et al.
International Journal of Coal Geology 180 83 (2017)

Chemical alteration and mineral growth under high p CO 2 conditions: Insights from the mineral chemistry of carbonate phases in the Caprese Reservoir (Northern Apennines, central Italy)

Gabriele Bicocchi, Orlando Vaselli, Giovanni Ruggieri, et al.
Chemical Geology 450 81 (2017)

Simulation of a Potential CO2Storage in the West Paris Basin: Site Characterization and Assessment of the Long-Term Hydrodynamical and Geochemical Impacts Induced by the CO2Injection

Audrey Estublier, Alexandre Fornel, Étienne Brosse, et al.
Oil & Gas Science and Technology – Revue d’IFP Energies nouvelles 72 (4) 22 (2017)

Heletz experimental site overview, characterization and data analysis for CO 2 injection and geological storage

Auli Niemi, Jacob Bensabat, Vladimir Shtivelman, et al.
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 48 3 (2016)

Evidences of localized CO 2 -induced diagenesis in the Cretaceous Quantou Formation, southern Songliao Basin, China

Kelai Xi, Yingchang Cao, Rukai Zhu, Beyene Girma Haile and Helge Hellevang
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Effects of feldspar and salinity on the mineral sequestration capacity of CO2 in high-salinity aquifers

Qi Fang, Yilian Li, Guojian Peng, Peng Cheng and Junwen Lv
Environmental Earth Sciences 75 (18) (2016)

Interactions of CO2 with formation waters, oil and minerals and CO2 storage at the Weyburn IEA EOR site, Saskatchewan, Canada

Ian Hutcheon, Maurice Shevalier, Kyle Durocher, et al.
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 53 354 (2016)

Discussion on the paper titled “Effect of reactive surface area of minerals on mineralization and carbon dioxide trapping in a depleted gas reservoir” by Bolourinejad et al. (2014)

T.J. Tambach and H. Hellevang
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Effects of rate law formulation on predicting CO2sequestration in sandstone formations

Guanru Zhang, Peng Lu, Yilun Zhang, Xiaomei Wei and Chen Zhu
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Hydrogeochemical modelling of corrosion effects and barite scaling in deep geothermal wells of the North German Basin using PHREEQC and PHAST

Elke Bozau, Steffen Häußler and Wolfgang van Berk
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The Pretty Hill Formation as a natural analogue for CO2 storage: An investigation of mineralogical and isotopic changes associated with sandstones exposed to low, intermediate and high CO2 concentrations over geological time

K.E. Higgs, R.R. Haese, S.D. Golding, U. Schacht and M.N. Watson
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Geochemical Barriers in $$\hbox {CO}_{2}$$ CO 2 Capture and Storage Feasibility Studies

Barbara Cantucci, Giordano Montegrossi, Mauro Buttinelli, et al.
Transport in Porous Media 106 (1) 107 (2015)

Reactive transport modelling of geologic CO2 sequestration in saline aquifers: The influence of pure CO2 and of mixtures of CO2 with CH4 on the sealing capacity of cap rock at 37°C and 100bar

S. Mohd Amin, D.J. Weiss and M.J. Blunt
Chemical Geology 367 39 (2014)

Dawsonite fixation of mantle CO2 in the cretaceous Songliao Basin, Northeast China: a natural analogue for CO2 mineral trapping in oilfields

Miao Yu, Li Liu, Zhichao Yu, et al.
International Geology Review 56 (14) 1792 (2014)

Long-term assessment of geochemical reactivity of CO2 storage in highly saline aquifers: Application to Ketzin, In Salah and Snøhvit storage sites

Joachim Trémosa, Christelle Castillo, Chan Quang Vong, et al.
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 20 2 (2014)

Environmental considerations for subseabed geological storage of CO2: A review

A.G. Carroll, R. Przeslawski, L.C. Radke, et al.
Continental Shelf Research 83 116 (2014)

Will dawsonite form during CO2 storage?

Helge Hellevang, Per Aagaard and Jens Jahren
Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology 4 (2) 191 (2014)

Diagenesis versus hydrothermalism and fluid–rock interaction within the Tuscan Nappe of the Monte Amiata CO2‐rich geothermal area (Italy)

M. Gasparrini, G. Ruggieri and A. Brogi
Geofluids 13 (2) 159 (2013)

Evaluation of long-term mineral trapping at the Ketzin pilot site for CO2 storage: An integrative approach using geochemical modelling and reservoir simulation

Elisa Klein, Marco De Lucia, Thomas Kempka and Michael Kühn
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 19 720 (2013)

Geomechanical and geochemical effects on sandstones caused by the reaction with supercritical CO2: an experimental approach to in situ conditions in deep geological reservoirs

Herwig Marbler, Kirsten P. Erickson, Michael Schmidt, Christof Lempp and Herbert Pöllmann
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Natural CO2 accumulations in the western Williston Basin: A mineralogical analog for CO2 injection at the Weyburn site

F.J. Ryerson, John Lake, Steven Whittaker and James W. Johnson
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On the potential for CO2mineral storage in continental flood basalts – PHREEQC batch- and 1D diffusion–reaction simulations

Thi Hai Van Pham, Per Aagaard and Helge Hellevang
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On the interaction of pure and impure supercritical CO2 with rock forming minerals in saline aquifers: An experimental geochemical approach

Franziska D.H. Wilke, Mónica Vásquez, Thomas Wiersberg, Rudolf Naumann and Jörg Erzinger
Applied Geochemistry 27 (8) 1615 (2012)

Supercritical carbon dioxide and sulfur in the Madison Limestone: A natural analog in southwest Wyoming for geologic carbon–sulfur co-sequestration

John P. Kaszuba, Alexis Navarre-Sitchler, Geoffrey Thyne, Curtis Chopping and Tom Meuzelaar
Earth and Planetary Science Letters (2011)