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Study on polymer mechanical degradation in core plugs versus in capillary tubes

Dongqing Cao, Ming Han, Zhenpeng Leng and Jinxun Wang
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Miguel Gonzalez, Tim Thiel, Nathan St. Michel, Jonathan Harrist, Erjola Buzi, Huseyin Seren, Subhash Ayirala, Lyla Maskeen and Abdulkarim Sofi

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Scaling of Mechanical Degradation of EOR Polymers: From Field-Scale Chokes to Capillary Tubes

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Thermal Stability and Compatibility of Surfactants in Presence of Formation Water Salinity under Reservoir Conditions

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Real structure micromodels based on reservoir rocks for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) applications

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Carbon dioxide/water foams stabilized with a zwitterionic surfactant at temperatures up to 150 °C in high salinity brine

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