Dossier: Synchrotron and Neutron Solutions to Oil Industry Problems
Open Access
Oil & Gas Science and Technology - Rev. IFP
Volume 60, Numéro 5, September-October 2005
Dossier: Synchrotron and Neutron Solutions to Oil Industry Problems
Page(s) 849 - 874
Publié en ligne 1 décembre 2006
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  • For more information about the CARAYSS (CAtalyse et RAYonnement Synchrotron à SOLEIL) network, please contact its responsible Edmond Payen ( [Google Scholar]
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  • Several Projects are presently under Development: PEEM3 (ALS- USA), SMART (BESSY II- Germany), Spectronanoscopy beamline (ELETTRA- Italy), Surface-Interface Microscopy Beamline (SLS-Switzerland). [Google Scholar]
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