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Applications of drag reducers for the pipeline transportation of heavy crude oils: A critical review and future research directions

Sayeed Rushd, Hicham Ferroudji, Hazzaz Yousuf, Travis W. Walker, Avijit Basu and Tushar Kanti Sen
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Review of deep learning algorithms in molecular simulations and perspective applications on petroleum engineering

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A Comprehensive Literature Review on Polymer-Modified Asphalt Binder

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Effect of Dodecylbenzenesulfonic Acid as an Asphaltene Dispersant on the W/O Emulsion Stabilized by Asphaltenes and Paraffin Wax

Zhiqi Zhao, Xue Xia, Yanan Li, et al.
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An insight into wax/asphaltene deposition behavior in the wellbore regions of gas condensate reservoirs

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Role of pH and cations on emulsion formation and stability of crude oils

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Adsorbing Volatile Organic Compounds within Bitumen Improves Colloidal Stability and Air Quality

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The Application of Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopyto the Compartmentalization of Yammama Reservoir, Southern Iran

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Analytical study of silane-based and wax-based additives on the interfacial bonding characteristics between natural rubber modified binder and different aggregate types

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Use of Raman Spectroscopy in Analysis of Crude Oils, Petroleum Products, Oil-Bearing Rocks, and Petrochemical Process Catalysts (A Review)

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Application of Ebullated-Bed Vacuum Residue Hydrocracking at Lukoil Neftohim Burgas

D. Stratiev, I. Shishkova and E. Nikolaychuk
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Biogenic RH-SiO2 Nanoparticles for Vanadium Removal from Asphaltenes via GPC-ICP MS and spICP MS Analysis

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Evaluation of Re–Os geochronology and Os isotope fingerprinting of Late Cretaceous terrestrial oils in Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

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SAR-AD Method to Characterize Eight SARA Fractions in Various Vacuum Residues and Follow Their Transformations Occurring during Hydrocracking and Pyrolysis

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Estimating permeability impairment due to asphaltene deposition during the natural oil depletion process using machine learning techniques

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Evaluation of asphaltenes a potential alternative for cement in stabilized base courses using asphalt emulsion

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Geochemical characteristics of bitumen seeps from the pila spi and bekhme formations: insights from fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and trace metals

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Outlook on the Role of Natural Surfactants on Emulsion Stability and Gas Hydrate Antiagglomeration in Crude Oil Systems

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Mechanistic Investigation of Asphaltene Adsorption and Oxidation by Nanoparticles: A New Solution to an Old Problem

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Mini-review on Recent Advances in the Application of Surface-Active Ionic Liquids: Petroleum Industry Perspective

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Laboratory Study to Evaluate the In-Situ Use of Rejuvenator Seal Material to Restore In-Service Asphalt Pavement

Masoud Taghavi, Saeid Hesami, Ebrahim Hesami and Seyedalireza Mohammadirad
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Successful approach to mitigate the asphaltenes precipitation problems in ESP oil wells

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A new vapor-liquid-asphaltene three-phase equilibrium computation algorithm based on the free-asphaltene assumption

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Utilization of depleted heavy oil reservoirs for carbon dioxide storage and sequestration: A molecular level assessment

Saad Alafnan
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On the evaluation of asphaltene adsorption onto dolomite surface: The roles of flow condition, composition of asphaltene, and dolomite size

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A review on the role of hydrogen donors in upgrading heavy oil and bitumen

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Microstructure and dynamic mechanical properties epoxy/asphaltene composites

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Determination of Re, Os, Ir, Ru, Pt, Pd Mass Fractions and 187Os/188Os Ratios of Organic‐Rich Geological Reference Materials

Mengjie Wang, Zhuyin Chu, Thomas C. Meisel and Jinghui Guo
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Influence of asphaltene structural parameters on solubility

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Correlation Analysis between Mechanical Properties and Fractions Composition of Oil-Rejuvenated Asphalt

Rongyan Tian, Haoyuan Luo, Xiaoming Huang, et al.
Materials 15 (5) 1889 (2022)

Superwetting surfaces for filtration separation of high-viscosity raw petroleum/water mixtures

Xian Jiang, Fuchao Yang and Zhiguang Guo
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Analytics for Recovery and Reuse of Solid Wastes from Refineries

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Studies on the effect of sulfonate based ionic liquids on asphaltenes

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NMR chemical shifts of carbon atoms and characteristic shift ranges in the oil sample

Ilfat Z. Rakhmatullin, Sergej V. Efimov, Alexander V. Klochkov, et al.
Petroleum Research 7 (2) 269 (2022)

Catalytic hydrothermal liquefaction of food waste: Influence of catalysts on bio-crude yield, asphaltenes, and pentane soluble fractions

Sayed Ahmed Ebrahim, Gilles Robertson, Xin Jiang, Elena A. Baranova and Devinder Singh
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Ultraviolet ageing of bituminous materials: A comprehensive literature review from 2011 to 2022

Rodrigo Polo-Mendoza, Gilberto Martinez-Arguelles, Lubinda F. Walubita, Fernando Moreno-Navarro, Filippo Giustozzi, Luis Fuentes and Tatiana Navarro-Donado
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Synthesis and Characterization of Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquids and Evaluating Their Performance as Asphaltene Dispersants

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Characterization Techniques Coupled with Mathematical Tools for Deepening Asphaltene Structure

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Performance Evaluation of High Modulus Asphalt Concrete (HMAC) Prepared Using Asphaltenes-Modified Binders

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Systems Analysis of the Evolution of Views on Oil Systems: From Petroleum Chemistry to Petroinformatics

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An insight into asphaltene precipitation, deposition and management stratagems in petroleum industry

Festus M. Adebiyi
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Emulsions in external electric fields

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Naphthenic Acids: Formation, Role in Emulsion Stability, and Recent Advances in Mass Spectrometry-Based Analytical Methods

Roselaine Facanali, Nathália de A. Porto, Juliana Crucello, et al.
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Experimental study and modelling of asphaltene deposition on metal surfaces with superhydrophobic and low sliding angle inner coatings

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Synthesis and characterization activated carbon using a mix (asphalt-polypropylene waste) for novel azo dye (HNDA) adsorption

Homam T. S. AL-Sayd Toohi, Muwafaq Ayesh Rabeea, Jasim Ali Abdullah and Rasim Farraj Muslim
Carbon Letters 31 (5) 837 (2021)

Study of Asphaltene Deposition in the Presence of a Hydrophobic Deep Eutectic Solvent Using XDLVO Theory

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Petroleum wellhead burning: A review of the basic science for burn efficiency prediction

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Mechanisms on the stability and instability of water-in-oil emulsion stabilized by interfacially active asphaltenes: Role of hydrogen bonding reconstructing

Jun Ma, Yongli Yang, Xingang Li, Hong Sui and Lin He
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Hydrophobic Deep Eutectic Solvent and Glycolipid Biosurfactant as Green Asphaltene Inhibitors: Experimental and Theoretical Studies

Ali Sanati and M. Reza Malayeri
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Pronóstico de estabilidad de asfaltenos en petróleo crudo con base en análisis SARA mediante redes neuronales artificiales

Tomás Darío Marín-Velásquez
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A review of chemometrics models to predict crude oil properties from nuclear magnetic resonance and infrared spectroscopy

Mariana K. Moro, Francine D. dos Santos, Gabriely S. Folli, Wanderson Romão and Paulo R. Filgueiras
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Hydrate Agglomeration in Crude Oil Systems in Which the Asphaltene Aggregation State Is Artificially Modified

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Asphaltene behavior at the interface oil-nanofluids: Implications to adsorption

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Current Knowledge and Future Challenges on Bacterial Degradation of the Highly Complex Petroleum Products Asphaltenes and Resins

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Hydrothermal Impact on Hydrocarbon Generation from Low-Permeable Domanic Sedimentary Rocks with Different Lithofacies

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Role of Polymer-Based Nanofluids on Asphaltene Adsorption during Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Injection

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Effects of the Composition and Molecular Structure of Asphaltenes on the Properties of Heavy Petroleum Feedstock Represented by Heavy Oil from the Ashalchinskoye Field and Two Vacuum Residue Samples

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Ionic Liquids in Flow Assurance

Bhajan Lal, Ali Qasim and Azmi Mohammad Shariff
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Catalytic Conversion of n-C7 Asphaltenes and Resins II into Hydrogen Using CeO2-Based Nanocatalysts

Oscar E. Medina, Jaime Gallego, Sócrates Acevedo, et al.
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Asphalt concrete mixtures modified with polymeric waste by the wet and dry processes: A literature review

Gabriel Macêdo Duarte and Adalberto Leandro Faxina
Construction and Building Materials 312 125408 (2021)