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Effect of hydrogen injection coupled with high-energy ignition on the combustion stability of a lean-burn gasoline engine

Guangtao Fan, Zhaolei Zheng and Lezhen Li
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 49 602 (2024)

Extended Coherent Flame Model applied to an optical single-cylinder engine fueled with ethanol

Guenther C. Krieger Filho, Filipi M. Fernandes Silva, Antônio L. Pacífico, Fernando L. Sacomano Filho, Clayton B. Zabeu, Francisco B. Nigro, Oswaldo M. França, Alexander Penaranda and Pedro T. Lacava
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A comprehensive study for the identification of the requirements for an optimal H2 combustion engine

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Laminar flame speed correlations for dual fuel flames in high-pressure conditions

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Large Eddy Simulation of a Pistonless Constant Volume Combustor: A New Concept of Pressure Gain Combustion

Nicola Detomaso, Davide Laera, Paul Pouech, Florent Duchaine and Thierry Poinsot
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Numerical Study of the Mixture Formation and Combustion Characteristics in Gasoline Direct Injection Engines with Conical Spray

Zhicheng Zhang, Shengli Wei, Jie Chen, Xianyin Leng, Shaobang Zhang and Shidong Ni
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Study of recirculating water-based and carbon-based working fluids on the combustion flow field and the cycle performances of semi-closed CO2-capturing Brayton-derived cycles

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ECFM-LES modeling with AMR for the CCV prediction and analysis in lean-burn engines

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Numerical investigation on combustion processes of an aircraft piston engine fueled with aviation kerosene and gasoline

Zhenfeng Zhao and Huasheng Cui
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Research on the Effect of Water Injection Pressure on Knocking Combustion of a Direct Injection Gasoline Engine

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A new method to determine the causes of deviation in cylinder pressure curves of motored reciprocating piston engines

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Effect of port water injection on suppressing knock in gasoline direct injection engines

Xuejiao Dai, Zhaolei Zheng and Yukun Song
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Effects of hydrogen-rich products from methanol steam reforming on the performance enhancement of a medium-speed marine engine

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Numerical investigation for optimization of spark-ignition internal combustion engine knock by Taguchi-Grey method

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LES investigation of cycle-to-cycle variation in a SI optical access engine using TFM-AMR combustion model

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Oxy-combustion flow field study under power-generating and CO2-capturing Matiant cycle conditions and its influence on the turbine inlet conditions

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Research on the influence of dual spark ignition strategy at combustion process for dual cylinder free piston generator under direct injection

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Research on the combustion and emission characteristics of homogeneous dual cylinder free piston generator by ignition strategy

Xiaodong Yan, Huihua Feng, Zhengxing Zuo, et al.
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Effects of Methanol Steam Reforming for Hydrogen-Rich Products on the Performance Enhancement of a Medium-Speed Marine Engine

Zibin Yin, Wenwei Cai, Zhuo Zhang, et al.
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Numerical investigations on hydrogen-enhanced combustion in ultra-lean gasoline spark-ignition engines

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Turbulent Premixed Flame Modeling Using the Algebraic Flame Surface Wrinkling Model: A Comparative Study between OpenFOAM and Ansys Fluent

Halit Kutkan and Joel Guerrero
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New One Shot Engine Validation Based on Aerodynamic Characterization and Preliminary Combustion Tests

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CFD study of a CI engine powered in the dual-fuel mode with syngas and waste vegetable oil

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Experimental and 0D Numerical Investigation of Ultra-Lean Combustion Concept to Improve the Efficiency of SI Engine

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1 (2020)

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Computational assessment towards understanding the energy conversion and combustion process of lean mixtures in passive pre-chamber ignited engines

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Numerical Investigation of a Free-Piston Hydrogen-Gasoline Engine Linear Generator

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Application of different numerical models capable to simulate combustion of alternative fuels in internal combustion engine

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Effects of Reaction Progress Variable Definition on the Flame Surface Density Transport Statistics and Closure for Different Combustion Regimes

Vassilios Papapostolou, Nilanjan Chakraborty, Markus Klein and Hong G. Im
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Modeling investigation of thermal insulation approaches for low heat rejection Diesel engines using a conjugate heat transfer model

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A Virtual In-Cylinder Pressure Sensor Based on EKF and Frequency-Amplitude-Modulation Fourier-Series Method

Qiming Wang, Tao Sun, Zhichao Lyu and Dawei Gao
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The Effect of Coupling Injection Parameters and Double-Swirl Chamber on the Diesel Engine Performance

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Research on energy distributions of the lateral swirl combustion system in DI diesel engines

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Development of a Probabilistic Spark Plug Discharge Model Based on Electric Field Calculation

Shota Kinoshita, Fumiaki Aoki, Stefan Pischinger, et al.
International Journal of Automotive Engineering 10 (1) 65 (2019)

Simulations of flame propagation during the ignition process in an annular multiple-injector combustor

Dongmei Zhao, Yifan Xia, Haiwen Ge, et al.
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Investigation on a high-stratified direct injection spark ignition (DISI) engine fueled with methanol under a high compression ratio

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Fuel and air mixing characteristics of wall-flow-guided combustion systems under a low excess air ratio condition in direct injection diesel engines

Li XiangRong, Zhao WeiHua, Gao HaoBu and Liu FuShui
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Advances in Fluid and Thermal Engineering

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Flow and thermal field effects on cycle-to-cycle variation of combustion: scale-resolving simulation in a spark ignited simplified engine configuration

M. Ghaderi Masouleh, K. Keskinen, O. Kaario, et al.
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Combustion and soot modelling of a high-pressure and high-temperature Dodecane spray

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Use of Modified Temperature-Composition PDF Formulation in Modeling of Flame Dynamics in Diesel Engine Combustion

İ. Bedii Özdemir and Cengizhan Cengiz
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Turbulent Spray Combustion Modeling Using Various Kinetic Solvers and Turbulence Models

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Development and Validation of 3D-CFD Injection and Combustion Models for Dual Fuel Combustion in Diesel Ignited Large Gas Engines

Lucas Eder, Marko Ban, Gerhard Pirker, Milan Vujanovic, Peter Priesching and Andreas Wimmer
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Numerical analysis of a compression ignition engine powered in the dual-fuel mode with syngas and biodiesel

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Study about the link between injection strategy and knock onset in an optically accessible multi-cylinder GDI engine

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Research on the Combustion Characteristics of a Free-Piston Gasoline Engine Linear Generator during the Stable Generating Process

Yuxi Miao, Zhengxing Zuo, Huihua Feng, Chendong Guo, Yu Song, Boru Jia and Yuyao Guo
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Effect of split injections coupled with swirl on combustion performance in DI diesel engines

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Combustion, Performance and Emission Analysis of an Oxygen-Controlling Downsized SI Engine

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Effect of asynchronous valve timing on combustion characteristic and performance of a high speed SI marine engine with five valves

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Optimization of a GDI engine operation in the absence of knocking through numerical 1D and 3D modeling

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Combustion and emission characteristics of a lateral swirl combustion system for DI diesel engines under low excess air ratio conditions

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Conjugate heat transfer of a rib-roughened internal turbine blade cooling channel using large eddy simulation

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Mixture preparation and combustion in a GDI engine under stoichiometric or lean charge: an experimental and numerical study on an optically accessible engine

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Experimental and Numerical Simulations of Spray Impingement and Combustion Characteristics in Gasoline Direct Injection Engines under Variable Driving Conditions

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Developments in computational fluid dynamics modelling of gasoline direct injection engine combustion and soot emission with chemical kinetic modelling

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