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Investigation of Carbonate Matrix Damage and Remediation Methods for Preformed Particle Gel Conformance Control Treatments

Abdulaziz A. Almakimi, Junchen Liu, Baojun Bai and Ibnelwaleed A. Hussein
SPE Journal 29 (03) 1623 (2024)

Permeability of Argillaceous Sandstone Modeled with Tortuous Capillary Tubes Using Fractal Geometry

Jiacun Liu, Ying Xu, Junjie Xiao, Xing Li and Kaiwen Xia
Energy & Fuels 38 (2) 1148 (2024)

Fabrication and petrophysical characterization of artificial carbonate rocks with multiscale porosity sintered in a CO2 atmosphere

Mateus Mota Morais, Everton Lucas-Oliveira, Tito José Bonagamba, Pedro Tupã Pandava Aum, Cláudio Regis dos Santos Lucas, Daniel Nobre Nunes da Silva and Carlos Alberto Fortulan
Geoenergy Science and Engineering 229 212096 (2023)

3D confocal imaging methodology optimized for pore space characterization of carbonates

Ahmed Hassan, Viswasanthi Chandra, Shadya Taleb, Satoshi Habuchi and Tadeusz Patzek
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Digital rock physics (DRP) workflow to assess reservoir flow characteristics

Ali Mahmoud, Rahul Gajbhiye, Jun Li, et al.
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 16 (4) (2023)

Effects of void morphology on fracturing characteristics of porous rock through a finite-discrete element method

Yuexiang Lin, Chenghao Li, Jianjun Ma, Mingfeng Lei and Linchong Huang
Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 104 104684 (2022)

Super-Resolved Segmentation of X-ray Images of Carbonate Rocks Using Deep Learning

Naif J. Alqahtani, Yufu Niu, Ying Da Wang, et al.
Transport in Porous Media 143 (2) 497 (2022)

Unified transient creep constitutive model based on the crack evolution of micritic bioclastic limestone

Zuguo Mo, Li Qian, Tianzhi Yao, et al.
PLOS ONE 17 (10) e0276100 (2022)

Oil-water interactions in porous media during fluid displacement: Effect of potential determining ions (PDI) on the formation of in-situ emulsions and oil recovery

Artur Shapoval, Mohammed Alzahrani, Wenjia Xue, Xiang Qi and Sheikh Rahman
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 210 110079 (2022)

Influence of Fluid Distribution on Seismic Dispersion and Attenuation in Partially Saturated Limestone

Chao Sun, Jérôme Fortin, Jan V. M. Borgomano, Shangxu Wang, Genyang Tang, Tom Bultreys and Veerle Cnudde
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Rock characterization integrating free-free resonant column measurements and X-ray computed tomography imaging

Celestino Valle-Molina, Luis Alberto Alcázar-Vara, José Jairo Ordaz-Jiménez, et al.
Geomechanics and Geophysics for Geo-Energy and Geo-Resources 8 (5) (2022)

Compaction Banding in High‐Porosity Carbonate Rocks: 1. Experimental Observations

Youssouf Abdallah, Jean Sulem, Michel Bornert, Siavash Ghabezloo and Ioannis Stefanou
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 126 (1) (2021)

Simulating Core Floods in Heterogeneous Sandstone and Carbonate Rocks

Nele Wenck, Samuel J. Jackson, Sojwal Manoorkar, Ann Muggeridge and Samuel Krevor
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Review of porosity uncertainty estimation methods in computed tomography dataset

Victory A J Jaques, Anton Du Plessis, Marek Zemek, et al.
Measurement Science and Technology 32 (12) 122001 (2021)

The Brittle‐Ductile Transition in Porous Limestone: Failure Mode, Constitutive Modeling of Inelastic Deformation and Strain Localization

Patrick Baud, Stephen Hall, Michael J. Heap, Yuntao Ji and Teng‐fong Wong
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Damage Evolution of Onnagawa Shale by Postmortem Thresholding of X‐Ray Computed Tomography

E. G. Jayawickrama, J. Muto, O. Sasaki and H. Nagahama
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Characterization of pore and grain size distributions in porous geological samples – An image processing workflow

Hossein Safari, Bruce J. Balcom and Armin Afrough
Computers & Geosciences 156 104895 (2021)

The role of microporosity on the permeability of volcanic-hosted geothermal reservoirs: A case study from Los Humeros, Mexico

Héctor Eduardo Cid, Gerardo Carrasco-Núñez, Vlad Constantin Manea, Sandra Vega and Victor Castaño
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Pore space properties in carbonate fault rocks of peninsular Italy

Francesco Ferraro, Fabrizio Agosta, Manika Prasad, et al.
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A rock-physics model to determine the pore microstructure of cracked porous rocks

Lin Zhang, Jing Ba and José M Carcione
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Imaging strain localisation in porous andesite using digital volume correlation

Michael J. Heap, Patrick Baud, Jessica A. McBeck, et al.
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Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Characteristics of Reservoir Rocks Quantified by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance-Detected Water Isotherms

Yan Song, Hyung T. Kwak, Alfred Kleinhammes and Yue Wu
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Investigation of Pore Structure and Water Imbibition Behavior of Weakly Cemented Silty Mudstone

Shuai Wang, Lijun Han, Qingbin Meng, Yuhao Jin and Weisheng Zhao
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The effect of CO2-induced dissolution on flow properties in Indiana Limestone: An in situ synchrotron X-ray micro-tomography study

Marco Voltolini and Jonathan Ajo-Franklin
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The Effect of Stress on Limestone Permeability and Effective Stress Behavior of Damaged Samples

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Synchrotron X-ray imaging in 4D: Multiscale failure and compaction localization in triaxially compressed porous limestone

Lingcao Huang, Patrick Baud, Benoit Cordonnier, et al.
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Seismic Dispersion and Attenuation in Fluid‐Saturated Carbonate Rocks: Effect of Microstructure and Pressure

Jan V. M. Borgomano, Lucas X. Pimienta, Jérôme Fortin and Yves Guéguen
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Uniaxial compressive strength measurements of limestone plugs and cores: a size comparison and X-ray CT study

Jeroen F. Van Stappen, Tim De Kock, Geert De Schutter and Veerle Cnudde
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Microstructural Control of Physical Properties During Deformation of Porous Limestone

Nicolas Brantut, Madeline Baker, Lars N. Hansen and Patrick Baud
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Effective Stress Law for the Permeability and Deformation of Four Porous Limestones

Ying Wang, Fanbao Meng, Xiaoqiong Wang, Patrick Baud and Teng‐fong Wong
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Simultaneous acquisition for T2-T2 Exchange and T1-T2 correlation NMR experiments

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Pore systems in carbonate formations, Weyburn field, Saskatchewan, Canada: Micro-tomography, helium porosimetry and mercury intrusion porosimetry characterization

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The permeability of stylolite-bearing limestone

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Calcite dissolution kinetics at the sediment-water interface in natural seawater

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Pore volume compressibilities of sandstones and carbonates from Helium porosimetry measurements

Grazielle Leite P. de Oliveira, Marco A.R. Ceia, Roseane M. Missagia, et al.
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Comparing thresholding techniques for quantifying the dual porosity of Indiana Limestone and Pink Dolomite

Marina Freire-Gormaly, Jonathan S. Ellis, Aimy Bazylak and Heather L. MacLean
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A Laboratory-Testing-Based Study on the Strength, Deformability, and Dilatancy of Carbonate Rocks at Low Confinement

G. Walton, J. Arzúa, L. R. Alejano and M. S. Diederichs
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The effects of rock heterogeneity on compaction localization in porous carbonates

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On the effective permeability of a heterogeneous porous medium: the role of the geometric mean

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Permeability, porosity and pore geometry evolution during compaction of Neogene sedimentary rocks

K. Okazaki, H. Noda, S. Uehara and T. Shimamoto
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