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Fuel injection performance and spray characteristic of high‐pressure common rail systems at low temperatures

Fukang Ma, Ruifan Xu and Xiaoyu Liu
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Experiment and simulation study on cavitation flow in pressure relief valve at different hydraulic oil temperatures

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Mert Gülüm and Atilla Bilgin
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Impact of biodiesel and diesel blends on the fuel filter: A combined experimental and simulation study

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Effect of Isobutanol Addition on the Biodiesel Density

Abel G. M. Ferreira, Jaime Batista Santos, Johnny Baptista, et al.
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Determination of the effects of the simultaneous use of ethanol-diesel emulsion as the main fuel and post-injection fuel in a diesel engine on engine performance and emissions

Hüseyin GÜRBÜZ
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Physical Properties of Biodiesel Blended with Hexanol Isomers at Different Temperatures: Surface Tension, Density, Viscosity, and Refractive Index

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Reverse micelle formation in vegetable oil, 1-butanol and diesel biofuel blends – Elimination of need for transesterification of triglycerides

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Biodiesel (FAME) Productivity, Catalytic Efficiency and Thermal Stability of Lipozyme TL IM for Crude Palm Oil Transesterification with Methanol

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