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Energy saving in oilfields by using waste heat in the disposed water

Walaa Shehata, Mohamed Helal and Fatma Gad
Chemical Industry and Chemical Engineering Quarterly 29 (2) 119 (2023)

Experimental study of viscous oil-water core-annular flow in horizontal pipe

Mohamed Hassan Alashker, Ali Abdelaziz Zahran, Mohamed Elfaisal Elrefaie and Ali Abuelezz
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An innovative graphene- supercapacitor for the treatment of crude oil viscosity at low temperatures

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CFD Simulation of the Hydrodynamics of Core-Annular Flow of Oil, Gas and Water in Elliptic-Cylindrical Duct

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Extra-Heavy Crude Oil Viscosity Reduction Using and Reusing Magnetic Copper Ferrite Nanospheres

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Experimental Study of Blast Furnace Hearth Drainage Based on Image Analysis

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Effect of ultrasound irradiation on asphaltene aggregation and implications to rheological behavior of bitumen

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Joint Reconstruction of Conductivity and Velocity in Two-Phase Flows Using Electromagnetic Flow Tomography and Electrical Tomography: A Simulation Study

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Estudio de la Viscosidad en un Crudo Aditivado con Dispersantes y Disolventes Asfalténicos

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An Overview on the Recent Techniques for Improving the Flowability of Crude Oil in Pipelines

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Solid-shelled microspheres loaded with solvent as diluents for extracting blockages by heavy-oil and asphaltene precipitates

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An oil-tolerant and salt-resistant aqueous foam system for heavy oil transportation

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RETRACTED ARTICLE: Oil soluble polymers as a viscosity-reducing agent for super heavy oil

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Heavy oil slurry transportation through horizontal pipelines: Experiments and CFD simulations

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Novel terpolymers as viscosity reducing agent for Tahe super heavy oil

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Effect of SiO 2 -based nanofluids in the reduction of naphtha consumption for heavy and extra-heavy oils transport: Economic impacts on the Colombian market

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Materials with Complex Behaviour II

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Materials with Complex Behaviour II

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Governing relations between people and things: Citizenship, territory, and the political economy of petroleum in Ecuador

Gabriela Valdivia
Political Geography 27 (4) 456 (2008)