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A comprehensive review on the utilization of hydrogen in low temperature combustion strategies: Combustion, performance and emission attributes

P.V. Rameez and M. Mohamed Ibrahim
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Effect of Various Diesel Injection Timings on Combustion, Efficiency and Emissions by U sing t he D ouble-row N ozzle with Narrow and Wide angles in a 6 L D iesel Engine

Sechul Oh, Junho Oh, Hyeongjun Jang, et al.
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Twin injector biogas diesel RCCI mode-an effective means to reduce NOx emissions without penalty in fuel consumption

S Gopa Kumar and A Ramesh
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A CFD Study on the Effects of Injection Timing and Spray Inclusion Angle on Performance and Emission Characteristics of a DI Diesel Engine Operating in Diffusion-Controlled and PCCI Modes of Combustion

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Advanced strategies to reduce harmful nitrogen-oxide emissions from biodiesel fueled engine

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The Application of Emergency Safety Device for The Improvement of Marine Operation of a Gas-Powered Ship

Agoes Santoso, Muhammad Badrus Zaman and Muhammad Irsyad Saihilmi
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Effect of multi-angle diesel injector nozzle on emission and efficiency of natural gas/diesel dual-fuel combustion in compression ignition engine

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Experimental study of wall-impinging diesel spray ignition and combustion characteristics under critical conditions

Dongfang Wang, Zhongjie Shi, Ziming Yang, Haiyan Chen, Manlin Wang and Yikai Li
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Biodiesels powered in-cylinder common rail direct injection (CRDi) Assisted Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) engine

Nagesh S.B., N.R. Banapurmath, Chandrashekhar T.K. and S.V. Khandal
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Multipulse Ballistic Injection: A Novel Method for Improving Low Temperature Combustion with Early Injection Timings

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Potential of Early Direct Injection (EDI) for simultaneous NOx and soot emission reduction in a heavy duty turbocharged diesel engine

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