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Assessment of a Novel Xanthan Gum-Based Composite for Oil Recovery Improvement at Reservoir Conditions; Assisted with Simulation and Economic Studies

Hamid Khattab, Ahmed A. Gawish, Abdelnaser Hamdy, Sayed Gomaa and A. N. El-hoshoudy
Journal of Polymers and the Environment (2024)

New models for estimating minimum miscibility pressure of pure and impure carbon dioxide using artificial intelligence techniques

Ahmed Ashraf Soliman, Sayed Gomaa, John S. Shahat, Fares Ashraf El Salamony and Attia Mahmoud Attia
Fuel 366 131374 (2024)

Sulfonamide Derivatives as Novel Surfactant/Alkaline Flooding Processes for Improving Oil Recovery

Ahmed Ashraf Soliman, Mohammed Amr ElSahaa, Shimaa. M. Elsaeed, Elsayed Gamal Zaki and Attia Mahmoud Attia
ACS Omega 8 (32) 29401 (2023)

Research progress and prospect of silica-based polymer nanofluids in enhanced oil recovery

Yi Pan, Changqing Zhang, Shuangchun Yang, Yapeng Liu and Abbas Muhammad
Nanotechnology Reviews 12 (1) (2023)

Eco-friendly Modified Biopolymers for Enhancing Oil Production: A Review

Samah A. M. Abou-alfitooh and A. N. El-hoshoudy
Journal of Polymers and the Environment (2023)

Electrical Tortuosity Index: A New Approach for Identifying Rock Typing to Enhance Reservoir Characterization Using Well-Log Data of Uncored Wells

John S. Shahat, Ahmed Ashraf Soliman, Sayed Gomaa and Attia Mahmoud Attia
ACS Omega 8 (22) 19509 (2023)

Nanoparticles assisted polymer flooding: Comprehensive assessment and empirical correlation

Khalaf G. Salem, Mahmoud A. Tantawy, Ahmed A. Gawish, Sayed Gomaa and A.N. El-hoshoudy
Geoenergy Science and Engineering 226 211753 (2023)

Effect of Superabsorbent Polymer Hydrogels in the Advancement of Cementitious Materials– A Review

Sujitha V. S, Ramesh B and Joseph Raj Xavier
Journal of Polymers and the Environment 31 (7) 2761 (2023)

Development of artificial neural network models to calculate the areal sweep efficiency for direct line, staggered line drive, five-spot, and nine-spot injection patterns

Sayed Gomaa, Ahmed Ashraf Soliman, Karim Nasr, Ramadan Emara, A.N. El-hoshoudy and Attia Mahmoud Attia
Fuel 317 123564 (2022)

Insight into Nano-chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery from Carbonate Reservoirs Using Environmentally Friendly Nanomaterials

Ali Ahmadi, Abbas Khaksar Manshad, Jagar A. Ali, et al.
ACS Omega 7 (41) 36165 (2022)

Adsorption of the Xanthan Gum Polymer and Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate Surfactant in Sandstone Reservoirs: Experimental and Density Function Theory Studies

George E. Azmi, Aya M. Saada, Eissa M. Shokir, et al.
ACS Omega 7 (42) 37237 (2022)

Synthesis of green thermo-responsive amphoteric terpolymer functionalized silica nanocomposite derived from waste vegetable oil triglycerides for enhanced oil recovery (EOR)

Shahenda Mahran, Attia Attia and Basudeb Saha
Journal of Cleaner Production 380 135024 (2022)

Experimental and Theoretical Investigation for Synthetic Polymers, Biopolymers and Polymeric Nanocomposites Application in Enhanced Oil Recovery Operations

A. N. El-hoshoudy
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 47 (9) 10887 (2022)

Guar Gum-Based Hydrogels as Potent Green Polymers for Enhanced Oil Recovery in High-Salinity Reservoirs

Shimaa. M. Elsaeed, Elsayed Gamal Zaki, Walaa A. E. Omar, Ahmed Ashraf Soliman and Attia Mahmoud Attia
ACS Omega 6 (36) 23421 (2021)

Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Glycol-Based Hydrogels through Waterflooding Processes in Oil Reservoirs Using Molecular Dynamics and Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulation

Abdelaziz N. El-hoshoudy
ACS Omega 6 (45) 30224 (2021)

Xanthan gum-derived materials for applications in environment and eco-friendly materials: A review

Mahmoud H. Abu Elella, Emad S. Goda, Mohamed A. Gab-Allah, et al.
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 9 (1) 104702 (2021)

Recent developments in recalcitrant organic pollutants degradation using immobilized photocatalysts

Kareem Fouad, Mohamed Bassyouni, Mohamed Gar Alalm and Mamdouh Y. Saleh
Applied Physics A 127 (8) (2021)

“Chemical modification of guar by different synthetic vinyl monomers for enhancing oil recovery under severe sandstone reservoir conditions”

Samah A.M. Abou-alfitooh, F.I. El-Hosiny, M. Ramzi, et al.
Egyptian Journal of Petroleum 30 (3) 35 (2021)

Imidazolium-based ionic liquids for asphaltene dispersion; experimental and computational studies

A.N. El-hoshoudy, A. Ghanem and S.M. Desouky
Journal of Molecular Liquids 324 114698 (2021)