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Analytical Model of Structural Damping in Friction Module of Shell Shock Absorber Connected to Spring

Ivan Shatskyi, Andrii Velychkovych and Wai-on Wong
Shock and Vibration 2023 1 (2023)

Efficient Model of the Interaction of Elastomeric Filler with an Open Shell and a Chrome-Plated Shaft in a Dry Friction Damper

Maciej Dutkiewicz, Andrii Velychkovych, Ivan Shatskyi and Vasyl Shopa
Materials 15 (13) 4671 (2022)

Investigating sodium phosphate binders for foundry production

R. Liutyi, I. Petryk, M. Tyshkovets, et al.
Advances in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering 4 100082 (2022)

Strategy of Compatible Use of Jet and Plunger Pump with Chrome Parts in Oil Well

Oleg Bazaluk, Olha Dubei, Liubomyr Ropyak, et al.
Energies 15 (1) 83 (2021)

A Technology of Hydrocarbon Fluid Production Intensification by Productive Stratum Drainage Zone Reaming

Oleg Bazaluk, Orest Slabyi, Vasyl Vekeryk, et al.
Energies 14 (12) 3514 (2021)

Modeling of nonlinear properties of casing centralizers equipped with axial thrust

I Shatskyi, A Velychkovych, I Vytvytskyi and M Senyushkovych
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 1018 012003 (2021)

Analytical study of “crosshead – slide rail” wear effect on pump rod stress state

L Y Ropyak, A S Velychkovych, V S Vytvytskyi and M V Shovkoplias
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1741 (1) 012039 (2021)

Strength Analysis of a Two-Layer PETF-Concrete Column with Allowance for Contact Interaction between Layers

Andrii Velychkovych, Liubomyr Ropyak, Olga Dubei and Francesco Colangelo
Advances in Materials Science and Engineering 2021 1 (2021)

Stress Analysis in Damaged Pipeline with Composite Coating

Maciej Dutkiewicz, Taras Dalyak, Ivan Shatskyi, Tetyana Venhrynyuk and Andrii Velychkovych
Applied Sciences 11 (22) 10676 (2021)

Influence of Heavy Weight Drill Pipe Material and Drill Bit Manufacturing Errors on Stress State of Steel Blades

Oleg Bazaluk, Andrii Velychkovych, Liubomyr Ropyak, et al.
Energies 14 (14) 4198 (2021)

Analytical Study of Operational Properties of a Plate Shock Absorber of a Sucker-Rod String

Andrii Velychkovych, Ivan Petryk and Liubomyr Ropyak
Shock and Vibration 2020 1 (2020)

Analysis of Materials and Modern Technologies for PDC Drill Bit Manufacturing

L. Ya. Ropyak, T. O. Pryhorovska and K. H. Levchuk
Uspehi Fiziki Metallov 20 (2) 274 (2020)

Analysis of Causes and Preventing Ways of Early Workability Loss of Three-Cone Rock Bit Cutters

R. S. Yakym and D. Yu. Petryna

Analytical estimation of inertial properties of the curved rotating section in a drill string

Jaroslav Grydzhuk, Igor Chudyk, Andriy Velychkovych and Andriy Andrusyak
Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies 1 (7 (97)) 6 (2019)

Analytical model of oil pipeline overground transitions, laid in mountain areas

Andriy S. Velychkovych, Andriy V. Andrusyak, Tetiana O. Pryhorovska and Liubomyr Y. Ropyak
Oil & Gas Science and Technology – Revue d’IFP Energies nouvelles 74 65 (2019)