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CO2 containment and storage in organic-rich strata ‒ State of the art and future directions

Haiping Huang and Mingzhe Dong
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 132 104047 (2024)

Occurrence states of the shale oil in the Shahejie Formation, Huanghekou Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China

Zhenjie Jia, Dujie Hou and Jiahao He
Petroleum Science and Technology 1 (2024)

The occurrence characteristics of oil in shales matrix from organic geochemical screening data and pore structure properties: An experimental study

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Impact of petroleum expulsion and evaporation losses on shale oil assessment using pyrolysis techniques

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Geochemical identification of a source rock affected by migrated hydrocarbons and its geological significance: Fengcheng Formation, southern Mahu Sag, Junggar Basin, NW China

Wen-Long Dang, Gang Gao, Xin-Cai You, Ke-Ting Fan, Jun Wu, De-Wen Lei, Wen-Jun He and Yong Tang
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How grain size influences hydrocarbon generation and expulsion of shale based on Rock-Eval pyrolysis and kinetics?

Yu Sun, Yunpeng Wang, Lingling Liao, Shuyong Shi and Jinzhong Liu
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The deposition of type II-S Jordan oil shale in the context of Late Cretaceous source rock formation in the Eastern Mediterranean realm. Insights from organic and inorganic geochemistry and petrography

S. Grohmann, R. Littke, I. Abu-Mahfouz, et al.
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Geochemical, mineralogical and petrographical characteristics of the domanik formation from north samara region in the volga-ural basin, Russia: Implication for unconventional tight oil reservoir potential

Shadi A. Saeed, Mohammed Hail Hakimi, Ameen A. Al-Muntaser, et al.
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An Improved Method for Evaluating Hydrocarbon Generation of Shale: A Case Study of the Lower Cretaceous Qingshankou Formation Shale in the Songliao Basin

Yuchen ZHANG, Min WANG, Jinbu LI, Chen ZHAO, Yu YAN, Liang XU and Zixiao DENG
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Using laser scanning confocal microscopy combined with saturated oil experiment to investigate the pseudo in-situ occurrence mechanism of light and heavy components of shale oil in sub-micron scale

Zhiye Gao, Longfei Duan, Zhenxue Jiang, et al.
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 220 111234 (2023)

New insights on the upper Silurian Fegaguira Formation shale-oil play in the Chotts Basin (southern Tunisia)

Anis Belhaj Mohamed, Mohamed Soussi, Moncef Saidi and D.M. Jarvie
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Oil occurrence state and quantity in alkaline lacustrine shale using a high-frequency NMR technique

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Advances in Petroleum Source Rock Characterizations: Integrated Methods and Case Studies

Bandar I. Ghassal, Sattam S. Mutairi and Haytham El Atfy
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Investigation on Oil Physical States of Hybrid Shale Oil System: A Case Study on Cretaceous Second White Speckled Shale Formation from Highwood River Outcrop, Southern Alberta

Hong Zhang, Haiping Huang and Mengsha Yin
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Occurrence Space and State of Petroleum in Lacustrine Shale: Insights from Two-Step Pyrolysis and the N2 Adsorption Experiment

Yuping Wu, Chenglin Liu, Fujie Jiang, et al.
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Organic geochemical study of Permian series from the Jeffara and Dahar areas (Southern Tunisia): Identification and characterization of a Tunisian Permian source rock

Khawla Ouirghi, Amina Mabrouk El Asmi, Anis Bel Haj Mohamed, Moncef Saidi and Maria-Fernanda Romero-Sarmiento
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Shale Oil and Gas Generation Process and Pore Fracture System Evolution Mechanisms of the Continental Gulong Shale, Songliao Basin, China

Longde Sun, Wenyuan He, Zihui Feng, et al.
Energy & Fuels 36 (13) 6893 (2022)

Corrosion inhibitors and lubricants characterization using the Rock-Eval® Shale Play™ method: Case studies to determine the origin of geothermal scales

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Polymer quantification using the Rock-Eval® device for identification of plastics in sediments

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Oil content and resource quality evaluation methods for lacustrine shale: A review and a novel three-dimensional quality evaluation model

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Critical Practices for the Preparation and Analysis of Kerogen

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Organic geochemical characteristics of shale in the lower sub-member of the third member of Paleogene Shahejie Formation (Es3L) in Zhanhua Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, eastern China: significance for the shale oil-bearing evaluation and sedimentary environment

Mingshi Feng, Xiao Wang, Yushan Du, et al.
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 15 (5) (2022)

Quantitative characterization of various oil contents and spatial distribution in lacustrine shales: Insight from petroleum compositional characteristics derived from programed pyrolysis

Ming Guan, Xiaoping Liu, Zhijun Jin, et al.
Marine and Petroleum Geology 138 105522 (2022)

Impact of Particle Crush-Size and Weight on Rock-Eval S2, S4, and Kinetics of Shales

Deependra Pratap Singh, David A. Wood, Vivek Singh, Bodhisatwa Hazra and Pradeep K. Singh
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Novel low-field NMR method for characterization content and SARA composition of bitumen in rocks

Ranel I. Galeev, Boris V. Sakharov, Nailia M. Khasanova, et al.
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Oil-water pore occupancy in the Vaca Muerta source-rocks by NMR cryoporometry

M. Fleury, T. Chevalier, R. Jorand, I. Jolivet and B. Nicot
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 311 110680 (2021)

Natural mineralized fractures from the Montney-Doig unconventional reservoirs (Western Canada Sedimentary Basin): Timing and controlling factors

Marta Gasparrini, Olivier Lacombe, Sébastien Rohais, Moh Belkacemi and Tristan Euzen
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Hydrocarbon generation and kinetics: A case study of Permian shales, India

Deependra Pratap Singh, Bodhisatwa Hazra, David A. Wood and Pradeep K. Singh
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Source rock properties and pore structural features of distinct thermally mature Permian shales from South Rewa and Jharia basins, India

Deependra Pratap Singh, Vivek Singh, Pradeep K Singh and Bodhisatwa Hazra
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Differences in hydrocarbon composition of shale oils in different phase states from the Qingshankou Formation, Songliao Basin, as determined from fluorescence experiments

Longhui Bai, Bo Liu, Jianguo Yang, et al.
Frontiers of Earth Science 15 (2) 438 (2021)

Quantitative hydrocarbon generation and charge risk assessment in the NW Persian Gulf: A 3D basin modeling approach

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Adsorbed and free hydrocarbons in unconventional shale reservoir: A new insight from NMR T1-T2 maps

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Coal combustion analysis using Rock-Eval: importance of S4-Tpeak

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Comparison of single- and multi-ramp bulk kinetics for a natural maturity series of Westphalian coals: Implications for modelling petroleum generation

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Comparative study between sequential solvent-extraction and multiple isothermal stages pyrolysis: A case study on Eocene Shahejie Formation shales, Dongying Depression, East China

Hong Zhang, Haiping Huang, Zheng Li and Mei Liu
Fuel 263 116591 (2020)

On-line recovery system coupled to a Rock-Eval® device: An analytical methodology for characterization of liquid and solid samples

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Hydrocarbon retention in lacustrine shales during thermal maturation: Insights from semi-open system pyrolysis

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Multi-attribute integrated flow models for shale reservoir characterization

Vaishali Sharma and Anirbid Sircar
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Experimental evaluation of oxidation sensitivity in organic-rich shale reservoir

Lijun You, Yang Zhou, Yili Kang, Qiuyang Cheng and Nan Zhang
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Probing Multiscale Structure of Mineral and Nanoporous Kerogen Phase in Organic-Rich Source Rocks: Quantitative Comparison of Small-Angle X-ray and Neutron Scattering

Gaël J. Cherfallot, Pierre E. Levitz, Pauline Michel, et al.
Energy & Fuels 34 (8) 9339 (2020)

Research of domanic source rock by pyrolytic gas chromatography-mass spectrometry method

Artem E. Chemodanov, Bulat I. Gareev, Georgy A. Batalin and Roman S. Gerasimov
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Experimental Study on the Impact of Thermal Maturity on Shale Microstructures Using Hydrous Pyrolysis

Kouqi Liu, Mehdi Ostadhassan, Paul C. Hackley, et al.
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Evaluation of Shale Source Rocks and Reservoirs

Bodhisatwa Hazra, David A. Wood, Devleena Mani, Pradeep K. Singh and Ashok K. Singh
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Insights from Rock-Eval analysis on the influence of sample weight on hydrocarbon generation from Lower Permian organic matter rich rocks, West Bokaro basin, India

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Evaluation of Shale Source Rocks and Reservoirs

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Physical and mathematical modeling of gas production in shale matrix

Wei Guo, Rongze Yu, Xiaowei Zhang and Zhiming Hu
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Generation kinetics based method for correcting effects of migrated oil on Rock-Eval data – An example from the Eocene Qianjiang Formation, Jianghan Basin, China

Zhuoheng Chen, Maowen Li, Xiaoxiao Ma, et al.
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Thermo-vaporization for decontaminating hydrocarbon source rocks

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A numerical method for calculating total oil yield using a single routine Rock-Eval program: A case study of the Eocene Shahejie Formation in Dongying Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China

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Insights into the effects of matrix retention and inert carbon on the petroleum generation potential of Indian Gondwana shales

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Characterization of organic-rich shales for petroleum exploration & exploitation: A review-Part 2: Geochemistry, thermal maturity, isotopes and biomarkers

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Geochemical and petrophysical source rock characterization of the Vaca Muerta Formation, Argentina: Implications for unconventional petroleum resource estimations

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Organic geochemistry and petrology of Posidonia Shale (Lower Toarcian, Western Europe) – The evolution from immature oil-prone to overmature dry gas-producing kerogen

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Characterization of tar-like material and producible oil in Misoa C2 and C3 reservoir sands of the Area 2 South (Ceuta Field, Venezuela)

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Organic geochemical applications to the exploration for source-rock reservoirs – A review

Joseph A. Curiale and John B. Curtis
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