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A novel method for examining the influence of molecular and structural properties of the asphaltene fraction on the wettability change of the calcite surface

Dariush Bastami, Abbas Shahrabadi, Vahid Taghikhani, Hassan Naderi and Jaber Taheri-Shakib
Fuel 363 130935 (2024)

The impacts of CO2 flooding on crude oil stability and recovery performance

Kartika F. Hartono, Asep K. Permadi, Ucok W. R. Siagian, Andri L. L. Hakim, Sumadi Paryoto, Ahlul H. Resha, Yudistira Adinugraha and Egi A. Pratama
Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology 14 (1) 107 (2024)

The Effect of Temperature on the Size and the Deposition of Asphaltene Particles

Mohammad Mohammadi, Masoud Bahrami and Mohammad Torkaman
SPE Journal 28 (06) 3117 (2023)

Experimental study on crude oil fouling in preheat exchangers at different operating conditions

Somayeh Kamalifar, S.M. Peyghambarzadeh, Shima Azizi and Farid Jamali-Sheini
Thermal Science and Engineering Progress 101742 (2023)

The deposition of asphaltenes under high-temperature and high-pressure (HTHP) conditions

Rui-Ying Xiong, Ji-Xiang Guo, Wyclif Kiyingi, Hai-Xia Xu and Xin-Peng Wu
Petroleum Science 20 (1) 611 (2023)

Applications of zeolite-zirconia-copper nanocomposites as a new asphaltene inhibitor for improving permeability reduction during CO2 flooding

Mohsen Mansouri and Yaser Ahmadi
Scientific Reports 12 (1) (2022)

Modeling the phase envelope of asphaltene precipitation due to CO2 injection into oil reservoirs using the CPA equation of state

Gloria Meyberg Nunes Costa, Silvio Alexandre Beisl Vieira De Melo, Fabio Pedro Do Nascimento, et al.
Rio Oil and Gas Expo and Conference 22 (2022) 34 (2022)

Performance evaluation and improvement of PC-SAFT equation of state for the asphaltene precipitation modeling during mixing with various fluid types

Ali Kariman Moghaddam and Saeid Jamshidi
Fluid Phase Equilibria 554 113340 (2022)

A Comparison between the Perturbed-Chain Statistical Associating Fluid Theory Equation of State and Machine Learning Modeling Approaches in Asphaltene Onset Pressure and Bubble Point Pressure Prediction during Gas Injection

Simin Tazikeh, Abdollah Davoudi, Ali Shafiei, et al.
ACS Omega 7 (34) 30113 (2022)

Asphaltene precipitation and deposition: A critical review

Isah Mohammed, Mohamed Mahmoud, Dhafer Al Shehri, Ammar El-Husseiny and Olalekan Alade
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 197 107956 (2021)

Critical Review of Underlying Mechanisms of Interactions of Asphaltenes with Oil and Aqueous Phases in the Presence of Ions

Sedigheh Mahdavi and Asefe Mousavi Moghadam
Energy & Fuels 35 (23) 19211 (2021)

Combined Investigations of Fluid Phase Equilibria and Fluid–Solid Phase Equilibria in Complex CO2–Crude Oil Systems under High Pressure

Jean-Luc Daridon, Chih-Wei Lin, Hervé Carrier, Jérôme Pauly and Felipe Pereira Fleming
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 65 (7) 3357 (2020)

Comparison of four different PC- SAFT versions to predict liquid-liquid equilibria of polymer and asphaltene systems at low temperatures

Wilson A. Cañas-Marín, Bibian A. Hoyos and Doris L. Gonzalez
Fluid Phase Equilibria 521 112646 (2020)

A theoretically modified PC-SAFT equation of state for predicting asphaltene onset pressures at low temperatures

Wilson A. Cañas-Marín, Doris L. González and Bibian A. Hoyos
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Detecting high-potential conditions of asphaltene precipitation in oil reservoir

Seyed Ehsan Eshraghi, Yousef Kazemzadeh, Zahra Etemadan and Ali Papi
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An improved modeling approach for asphaltene deposition in oil wells including particles size distribution

Leila Eyni, Mehdi Assareh, Shahab Ayatollahi and Mohammad Ranjbaran
Oil & Gas Sciences and Technology – Revue d’IFP Energies nouvelles 73 25 (2018)

Multiphase flow modeling of asphaltene precipitation and deposition

Amir Tabzar, Mohammad Fathinasab, Afshin Salehi, Babak Bahrami and Amir H. Mohammadi
Oil & Gas Science and Technology – Revue d’IFP Energies nouvelles 73 51 (2018)

Comparing the effects of CH4, CO2, and N2 injection on asphaltene precipitation and deposition at reservoir condition: A visual and modeling study

Peyman Zanganeh, Hossein Dashti and Shahab Ayatollahi
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Removal and prevention of asphaltene deposition during oil production: A literature review

Kheira Gharbi, Khaled Benyounes and Mohamed Khodja
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 158 351 (2017)