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Investigating the Origins of Cyclic Variability in Internal Combustion Engines Using Wall-Resolved Large Eddy Simulations

Sicong Wu, Saumil S. Patel and Muhsin M. Ameen
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Multi-Plane PIV Measurements in a Gasoline Direct Injection Engine

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A Characteristic-Based Spectral Element Method for Moving-Domain Problems

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Multi-plane time-resolved Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) flow field measurements in an optical Spark-Ignition Direct-Injection (SIDI) engine for Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) model validations

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LES‐VOF Simulation and POD Analysis of the Gas‐Jet Wiping Process in Continuous Galvanizing Lines

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Investigation of the Effect of the In-Cylinder Tumble Motion on Cycle-to-Cycle Variations in a Direct Injection Spark Ignition (DISI) Engine Using Large Eddy Simulation (LES)

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