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Study on the Structure–Activity Relationship and Oil Displacement Characteristics of the Polysurfactant Agent

Jingang He, Lin Yuan, Bicheng Gan, Zhiqiang Liu and Haixiang Zhang
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Rheological demonstration of micellization changes of internal olefin sulfonate and alcohol alkoxy sulfate commercial surfactants upon interactions with inorganic salts

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Silica Nanoparticles in Xanthan Gum Solutions: Oil Recovery Efficiency in Core Flooding Tests

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β‐Cyclodextrin‐functionalized copolymers based on multiple intermolecular forces for enhanced oil recovery

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Influence of physical and rheological properties of sweeping fluids on the residual oil saturation at the micro- and macroscale

P. Druetta and F. Picchioni
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Diagnostic plot model to evaluate injection performance in polymer EOR process

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Synthesis and properties of amphiprotic polyacrylamide microspheres as water shutoff and profile control

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The displacement efficiency and rheology of welan gum for enhanced heavy oil recovery

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