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A robust data processing method for pulse-decay measurement of tight materials

Mingbao Zhang, Yue Wang, Zhiguo Tian and Moran Wang
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 274 109270 (2024)

Improved predictions of permeability properties in cement-based materials: A comparative study of pore size distribution-based models

Qing Xiang Xiong, Liang-yu Tong, Fekri Meftah, Yunsheng Zhang and Qing-feng Liu
Construction and Building Materials 411 133927 (2024)

Water Permeability Measurements by Steady-State and Pulse Decay Methods on the Callovo-Oxfordian Claystone and Impact on its Mechanical Properties

D. Grgic, M. Moumni, A. Giraud, R. de La Vaissière and J. Talandier
Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (2023)

Stress Sensitivity Analysis of Seepage Pores in Coal Briquettes Based on Compressed Exhaust and Pressure-Transient Tests

Chenghao Wang, Yuanping Cheng, Liang Wang, Jingyu Jiang and Zhaonan Jiang
Energy & Fuels 37 (6) 4280 (2023)

The Harpers THMC flow bench: A triaxial multi-reactor setup for the investigation of long-term coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical-chemical fluid-rock interaction

Nick Harpers, Ming Wen, Paul Miller, Suzanne Hangx and Andreas Busch
Review of Scientific Instruments 94 (9) (2023)

Using Neutron Radiography to Assess Parameters Associated with Water Permeability Testing

Rita M. Ghantous, Brett Fronczek, Clay B. Jablonski, Van Bui, Steve Schaef, Steve R. Reese and W. Jason Weiss
Advances in Civil Engineering Materials 12 (1) 78 (2023)

Influence of Equation Nonlinearity on Pulse-Decay Permeability Measurements of Tight Porous Media

Yue Wang, Zhiguo Tian, Steffen Nolte, Bernhard Krooss and Moran Wang
Transport in Porous Media 148 (2) 291 (2023)

A Model and Measurement Technique for Liquid Permeability of Tight Porous Media Based on the Steady-State Method

Mohammad Yousefi and Hassan Dehghanpour
Energy & Fuels 36 (13) 6860 (2022)

Experimental study on the physico-mechanical properties of Tamusu mudstone – A potential host rock for high-level radioactive waste in Inner Mongolia of China

Chen Lu, Hongdan Yu, Honghui Li and Weizhong Chen
Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering 14 (6) 1901 (2022)

Petrophysical characterization, BIB-SEM imaging, and permeability models of tight carbonates from the Upper Jurassic (Malm ß), SE Germany

Simon Freitag, Jop Klaver, Iulian S. Malai, et al.
Geothermal Energy 10 (1) (2022)

A review of the migration of radioactive elements in clay minerals in the context of nuclear waste storage

C. Wang, V. F. Myshkin, V. A. Khan and A. N. Panamareva
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 331 (9) 3401 (2022)

Insights into gas migration behavior in saturated GMZ bentonite under flexible constraint conditions

Lin-yong Cui, Wei-Min Ye, Qiong Wang, et al.
Construction and Building Materials 287 123070 (2021)

New developments of the Gas Research Institute method for the permeability measurement of porous media

Yves Jannot, Alain Degiovanni, Christian Moyne and Didier Lasseux
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Predicting water flow in fully and partially saturated porous media: a new fractal-based permeability model

Nguyen Van Nghia A., Damien Jougnot, Luong Duy Thanh, et al.
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Permeability evolution of two sedimentary rocks at different temperatures based on the Katz-Thompson theory

Chao Lyu, Shuqing Hao, Qiang Sun, Weiqiang Zhang and Jishi Geng
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Permeability prediction for porous sandstone using digital twin modeling technology and Lattice Boltzmann method

Huaiguang Xiao, Lei He, Jianchun Li, Chunjiang Zou and Chengmeng Shao
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Geomechanical aspects of induced microseismicity during CO2injection in Illinois Basin

Nikita Bondarenko, Sherilyn Williams-Stroud, Jared Freiburg and Roman Makhnenko
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Gas slippage in anisotropically-stressed shale: An experimental study

Yufei Chen, Changbao Jiang, Juliana Y. Leung, Andrew K. Wojtanowicz and Dongming Zhang
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A comparative study on methods for determining the hydraulic properties of a clay shale

Lisa Winhausen, Alexandra Amann-Hildenbrand, Reinhard Fink, et al.
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A review: controls on sandstone permeability during burial and its measurements comparison—example, Permian Rotliegend Sandstone

Abbas Kareem Abdulsahib Mohammed
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Stéphane M. Al Reda, Catherine Yu, Guillaume Berthe and Jean-Michel Matray
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Effects of testing method, lithology and fluid-rock interactions on shale permeability: A review of laboratory measurements

Qiao Lyu, Jindong Shi and Ranjith Pathegama Gamage
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Highly Efficient and Simplified Method for Measuring the Permeability of Ultra-low Permeability Rocks Based on the Pulse-Decay Technique

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Mont Terri Rock Laboratory, 20 Years

Catherine Yu, Jean-Michel Matray, Julio Gonçalvès, et al.
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Investigating the Permeability of Marble under Moderate Pressure and Temperature

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The influence of particle size, microfractures, and pressure decay on measuring the permeability of crushed shale samples

Mercy Achang, Jack C. Pashin and X. Cui
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Geochemical and petrophysical source rock characterization of the Vaca Muerta Formation, Argentina: Implications for unconventional petroleum resource estimations

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Laboratory measurement of low permeability unconventional gas reservoir rocks: A review of experimental methods

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High-Resolution 3D FIB-SEM Image Analysis and Validation of Numerical Simulations of Nanometre-Scale Porous Ceramic with Comparisons to Experimental Results

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Effect of solid–fluid thermal expansion on thermo-osmotic tests: An experimental and analytical study

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Advanced and Integrated Petrophysical Characterization for CO2Storage: Application to the Ketzin Site

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Oil & Gas Science and Technology – Revue d’IFP Energies nouvelles 68 (3) 557 (2013)