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Combining natural gas recovery and CO2-based geothermal energy extraction for electric power generation

Justin Ezekiel, Anozie Ebigbo, Benjamin M. Adams and Martin O. Saar
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Insights into geological processes with CO2 remote sensing – A review of technology and applications

Manuel Queißer, Mike Burton and Ryunosuke Kazahaya
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Soil-Gas Concentrations and Flux Monitoring at the Lacq-Rousse CO2-Geological Storage Pilot Site (French Pyrenean Foreland): From Pre-Injection to Post-Injection

Frédérick Gal, Zbigniew Pokryszka, Nadège Labat, et al.
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Fractionation processes of δ13C in a soil-shallow groundwater system of a potential CO2 sequestration site: Wandoan, QLD, Australia

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Thermodynamic study of binary systems containing sulphur dioxide and nitric oxide: Measurements and modelling

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Atmospheric monitoring of carbon capture and storage leakage using radiocarbon

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The Demo-CO 2 project: Monitoring and comparison of two shallow subsurface CO 2 leakage experiments with gas tracer associated in the carbonate vadose zone

Kevins Rhino, Corinne Loisy, Adrian Cerepi, et al.
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Zn(II), Mn(II) and Sr(II) Behavior in a Natural Carbonate Reservoir System. Part II: Impact of Geological CO2Storage Conditions

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Inherent Tracers for Carbon Capture and Storage in Sedimentary Formations: Composition and Applications

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Evidence for natural molecular hydrogen seepage associated with Carolina bays (surficial, ovoid depressions on the Atlantic Coastal Plain, Province of the USA)

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Impact of Associated Gases on Equilibrium and Transport Properties of a $$\mathrm{CO}_{2}$$ CO 2 Stream: Molecular Simulation and Experimental Studies

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The CO2-vadose project: Numerical modeling to perform a geochemical monitoring methodology and baseline performance assessment for various geochemical variables (gas flux, gas composition, stable isotopes and noble gases) in the carbonate vadose zone

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