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Life Cycle Assessment of Aviation Fuel Production from Steel-Industry Off-Gas

Lin Guo, Xiao Wang, Weili Yang and Jing Lv
Processes 12 (3) 579 (2024)

Bio-fuel production from hydroconversion of hexadecane over Pt/SAPO-11 catalysts

Chao Mu, Junhao Sun, Chen Xie, Jing Xu, Jinxuan Bao, Haozhe Zhang, Yujun Zhao, Shengping Wang and Xinbin Ma
Fuel 369 131732 (2024)

Sustainable aviation fuel: Pathways to fully formulated synthetic jet fuel via Fischer–Tropsch synthesis

Arno de Klerk, Garima Chauhan, Cibele Halmenschlager, Felix Link, Natalia Montoya Sánchez, Brian Gartley, Hanan E. M. El‐Sayed, Ranjit Sehdev and Rick Lehoux
Energy Science & Engineering 12 (2) 394 (2024)

Reference‐Quality Free Energy Barriers in Catalysis from Machine Learning Thermodynamic Perturbation Theory

Jérôme Rey, Céline Chizallet, Dario Rocca, Tomáš Bučko and Michael Badawi
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 63 (6) (2024)

The active site for dehydrogenation and cyclization on Zn2+/HZSM-5 catalyst aiming at long-chain C6 mono-olefins aromatization

Jing Wang, Jialing Ma, Lixia Ling, Yang Zhang, Riguang Zhang, Xiaohua Shen, Xiaofeng Li and Baojun Wang
Fuel 366 131362 (2024)

Kerosene production from power-based syngas – A technical comparison of the Fischer-Tropsch and methanol pathway

Stefan Bube, Nils Bullerdiek, Steffen Voß and Martin Kaltschmitt
Fuel 366 131269 (2024)

Shape Selectivity of AEL Channels for Anomalously Facilitating Biojet Fuel Production from Long-Chain n-Alkane Hydrocracking

Chao Mu, Junhao Sun, Chen Xie, Jinxuan Bao, Xuan Guo, Haozhe Zhang, Yujun Zhao, Shengping Wang and Xinbin Ma
ACS Catalysis 14 (3) 1394 (2024)

Reference‐Quality Free Energy Barriers in Catalysis from Machine Learning Thermodynamic Perturbation Theory

Jérôme Rey, Céline Chizallet, Dario Rocca, Tomáš Bučko and Michael Badawi
Angewandte Chemie 136 (6) (2024)

Off-grid vs. grid-based: Techno-economic assessment of a power-to-liquid plant combining solid-oxide electrolysis and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis

Simon Pratschner, Martin Hammerschmid, Stefan Müller and Franz Winter
Chemical Engineering Journal 481 148413 (2024)

Shape Selection of Alkane Hydroisomerization over One-Dimensional Zeolite Supported Pt Catalyst: Pt/ZSM-48 versus Pt/ZSM-22

Sida Ge, Zunlong Hu, Haodong Xie, Shiao Gao, Zhuwen Zhang and Zhijie Wu
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 113179 (2024)

Silica as support and binder in bifunctional catalysts with ultralow Pt loadings for the hydroconversion of n-alkanes

Luc C.J. Smulders, Arvid J. Beeuwkes, Kang Cheng, Johannes D. Meeldijk, Zhuoran Xu, George F. Tierney, Eric Doskocil, S. Tegan Roberts, Glenn J. Sunley, Petra E. de Jongh and Krijn P. de Jong
Catalysis Today 429 114508 (2024)

Quantitatively regulating ZSM-48 by phenolic molecules for n-hexadecane hydroisomerization

Mingwei Zhang, Linlin Liu, Wenjun Zhang, et al.
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 356 112597 (2023)

Hydrocracking of a Long Chain Alkyl‐Cycloalkane: Role of Porosity and Metal‐Acid Balance

Larissa Brito, François Payan, Florian Albrieux, Emmanuelle Guillon, Johan A. Martens and Gerhard D. Pirngruber
ChemCatChem 15 (5) (2023)

Maximizing jet fuel production from n-hexadecane hydrocracking over Pt-supported Y catalysts: Importance of ideal hydrocracking characteristics

Yi Li, Chao Mu, Guangxin Chu, Yule Wang, Jing Xu, Xuan Guo, Yujun Zhao, Shengping Wang and Xinbin Ma
Fuel 346 128286 (2023)

Molecular Views on Mechanisms of Brønsted Acid-Catalyzed Reactions in Zeolites

Céline Chizallet, Christophe Bouchy, Kim Larmier and Gerhard Pirngruber
Chemical Reviews 123 (9) 6107 (2023)

Shape selectivity of zeolite for hydroisomerization of long-chain alkanes

Yuanlong Han, Jiamin Yuan, Mengjiao Xing, et al.
New Journal of Chemistry 47 (3) 1401 (2023)

Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis Catalysts for Selective Production of Diesel Fraction

Kristina Mazurova, Albina Miyassarova, Oleg Eliseev, Valentine Stytsenko, Aleksandr Glotov and Anna Stavitskaya
Catalysts 13 (8) 1215 (2023)

On the product and transition-state shape selectivities in 2-heptene isomerization

Gong Cheng, Xin-Xin Wang, Shuai-Hui Zhang, et al.
Chemical Physics Letters 812 140263 (2023)

Synthesis of Ga-modified ZSM-48 with improved hydroisomerization performance of n-dodecane

Wei Zhang, Haipeng Zhang, Mengxi Ma, Shuzhen Wang, Jiangnan Xiang, Yan Wang, Weijiong Dai, Binbin Fan, Jiajun Zheng and Ruifeng Li
Reaction Chemistry & Engineering 8 (10) 2481 (2023)

Isomerization Properties of Pt/SAPO-11 Catalysts for the Production of Bio-Aviation Kerosene

Sangni Yang, Xuejun Liu, Xin Zhang, Wuji Sun, Qiqi Ma, Nianhua Song, Meizhen Lu and Jianming Hu
Catalysts 13 (7) 1100 (2023)

Cobalt Supported and Polyfunctional Hybrid Catalysts for Selective Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis: A Review

R. E. Yakovenko, V. G. Bakun, S. I. Sulima, et al.
Catalysis in Industry 15 (1) 6 (2023)

Catalytic Cracking of Fischer-Tropsch Wax on Different Zeolite Catalysts

Chao Yang, Lingtao Liu, Genquan Zhu, Chaogang Xie, Xiance Zhang and Xiaoqiao Zhang
Catalysts 13 (8) 1223 (2023)

The Preparation of Nanosized Pd/ZSM-23 Bifunctional Catalysts for n-Hexadecane Hydroisomerization by Employing PHMB as the Growth Modifier

Jiazheng Sun, Shuxiang Xiong, Qiong Wu, Wei Wang and Wei Wu
Transactions of Tianjin University 29 (6) 482 (2023)

Biofuels, electrofuels, electric or hydrogen?: A review of current and emerging sustainable aviation systems

Pimchanok Su-ungkavatin, Ligia Tiruta-Barna and Lorie Hamelin
Progress in Energy and Combustion Science 96 101073 (2023)

Steering the Metal Precursor Location in Pd/Zeotype Catalysts and Its Implications for Catalysis

Luc C. J. Smulders, Johan H. van de Minkelis, Johannes D. Meeldijk, et al.
Chemistry 5 (1) 348 (2023)

Enhancing selectivity of aromatics in direct conversion of syngas over K/FeMn and HZSM-5 bifunctional catalysts

Seok Chang Kang, Gyungah Park, Geunjae Kwak, et al.
Molecular Catalysis 533 112790 (2022)

Multiscale Modeling as a Tool for the Prediction of Catalytic Performances: The Case of n-Heptane Hydroconversion in a Large-Pore Zeolite

Jean-Marc Schweitzer, Jérôme Rey, Charles Bignaud, et al.
ACS Catalysis 12 (2) 1068 (2022)

Supported and polyfunctional hybrid cobalt catalysts for selective Fischer – Tropsch synthesis (A review)

R. E. Yakovenko, V. G. Bakun, S. I. Sulima, et al.
Kataliz v promyshlennosti 22 (3) 5 (2022)

Techno-economic assessment of jet fuel production using the Fischer-Tropsch process from steel mill gas

Jason Collis, Karsten Duch and Reinhard Schomäcker
Frontiers in Energy Research 10 (2022)

Sustainable pilot‐scale production of a Salicornia oil, its conversion to certified aviation fuel, and techno‐economic analysis of the related biorefinery

Paco Laveille, Joao Uratani, Jose G. G. Barron, Michael Brodeur‐Campbell, Nilesh R. Chandak, Abraham George, Stephane Morin, Alejandro R. Galvan and Mikael Berthod
Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining 16 (1) 27 (2022)

The Revitalization of ‘the Closer the Better’ in Zeolite‐Tailored Bifunctional Catalysts for Biomass Valorization

Jiang He, Lu Lin and Wenhao Luo
ChemCatChem 14 (20) (2022)

A Techno-Economic Assessment of Fischer–Tropsch Fuels Based on Syngas from Co-Electrolysis

Ralf Peters, Nils Wegener, Remzi Can Samsun, et al.
Processes 10 (4) 699 (2022)

Bifunctional catalyst of mordenite‐ and alumina‐supported platinum for isobutane hydroisomerization to n‐butane

Yaoyao Duan, Hui Jiang and Hefang Wang
The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering 100 (5) 1038 (2022)

Branched Fatty Acids: The Potential of Zeolite Catalysis

Dorien Kerstens, Sofie Van Praet, Luca Verhoeven, Pieter Struelens and Bert F. Sels
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 10 (15) 4807 (2022)

Chemical Conversion of Fischer–Tropsch Waxes and Plastic Waste Pyrolysis Condensate to Lubricating Oil and Potential Steam Cracker Feedstocks

Philipp Neuner, David Graf, Niklas Netsch, et al.
Reactions 3 (3) 352 (2022)

Cascade hydrogenation of n-C16 to produce jet fuel over tandem catalysts of modified ZSM-22

Yi Li, Junhao Sun, Jie Wei, Chao Mu, Yujun Zhao, Shengping Wang and Xinbin Ma
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 111 88 (2022)

Konzepte zur Integration erneuerbarer synthetischer Kraftstoffe in einen bestehenden Raffinerieverbund 

David Graf, Xhesika Koroveshi, Thomas Kolb and Reinhard Rauch
Chemie Ingenieur Technik 94 (3) 267 (2022)

Four-Carbon Segmented Discrete Hydrocracking of Long-Chain Paraffins in MTT Channels Following a Pore-Mouth Mechanism

Mingwei Zhang, Linlin Liu, Li Wang, Xiangwen Zhang and Guozhu Li
ACS Catalysis 12 (16) 10313 (2022)

Brønsted acidity of amorphous silica-aluminas for hydrocracking of Fischer-Tropsch wax into diesel fractions

Tao Li, Zhichao Tao, Caixia Hu, et al.
Applied Catalysis A: General 630 118439 (2022)

Wax Hydrocracking over Pt/SiO2–Al2O3 at 2 MPa: Product Characterization and Its Implications for Catalysis

Felix Link, Cibele Melo Halmenschlager, Garima Chauhan and Arno de Klerk
Energy & Fuels 35 (6) 5252 (2021)

Sinter-resistant platinum nanocatalysts immobilized by biochar for alkane hydroisomerization

Yangchun Tan, Rui Yu, Jia Cheng, et al.
Catalysis Science & Technology 11 (23) 7740 (2021)

Prospects for Technologies in the Production of Synthetic Base Stocks for Engine Oils (A Review)

S. I. Sulima, V. G. Bakun, N. S. Chistyakova, et al.
Petroleum Chemistry 61 (11) 1178 (2021)

Ethylcyclohexane Hydroconversion in EU‐1 Zeolite: DFT‐based Microkinetic Modeling Reveals the Nature of the Kinetically Relevant Intermediates

Ester Gutierrez‐Acebo, Jérôme Rey, Christophe Bouchy, Yves Schuurman and Céline Chizallet
ChemCatChem 13 (15) 3434 (2021)

Direct Preparation of *MRE Zeolites with Ultralarge Mesoporosity: Strategy and Working Mechanism

Wen Liu, Junjie Li, Zhenni Liu, et al.
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13 (27) 31756 (2021)

Atomic‐Scale Designing of Zeolite Based Catalysts by Atomic Layer Deposition

Dan Xu, Junqing Yin, Ya Gao, Di Zhu and Shuyuan Wang
ChemPhysChem 22 (13) 1287 (2021)

Production of jet fuel by hydrorefining of Fischer-Tropsch wax over Pt/Al-TUD-1 bifunctional catalyst

Sundaramurthy Vedachalam, Philip Boahene and Ajay K. Dalai
Fuel 300 121008 (2021)

Rational Design of Bioinspired Nanocomposites with Tunable Catalytic Activity

Hans C. Hendrikse, Alejo Aguirre, Arno van der Weijden, et al.
Crystal Growth & Design 21 (8) 4299 (2021)

Fluorene hydrocracking over bifunctional platinum catalysts in a high-pressure simultaneous thermal analyzer

Jose-Mateo Martinez-Saavedra, Cindy-Ly Tavera-Mendez, Luis-Ernesto Sandoval-Diaz, et al.
Applied Catalysis A: General 616 118097 (2021)

Comparison of n-Dodecane Hydroisomerization Performance Over Pt Supported ZSM-48 and ZSM-22

Yan Wang, Wei Liu, Wei Zhang, et al.
Catalysis Letters 151 (12) 3492 (2021)

Upgrading of biomass-derived liquids in a biorefinery context: Hydroisomerization and fluid catalytic cracking of heavy naphtha on bench and pilot scale

Eleni Heracleous, Eleni F. Iliopoulou, Kleoniki Drakaki, et al.
Catalysis Today 379 141 (2021)

Ethylene Oligomerization on Nickel Catalysts on a Solid Acid Support: from New Mechanistic Insights to Tunable Bifunctionality

Elsa Koninckx, Pedro S.F. Mendes, Joris W. Thybaut and Linda J. Broadbelt
Applied Catalysis A: General 118296 (2021)

Isomerization of long-chain fatty acids and long-chain hydrocarbons: A review

R. Maghrebi, M. Buffi, P. Bondioli and D. Chiaramonti
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 149 111264 (2021)

Activation and conversion of alkanes in the confined space of zeolite-type materials

Pablo del Campo, Cristina Martínez and Avelino Corma
Chemical Society Reviews 50 (15) 8511 (2021)

Species and impacts of metal sites over bifunctional catalyst on long chain n-alkane hydroisomerization: A review

Yangchun Tan, Wenjing Hu, Yanyan Du and Jiusheng Li
Applied Catalysis A: General 611 117916 (2021)

Control and Impact of Metal Loading Heterogeneities at the Nanoscale on the Performance of Pt/Zeolite Y Catalysts for Alkane Hydroconversion

Lars I. van der Wal, Jogchum Oenema, Luc C. J. Smulders, et al.
ACS Catalysis 11 (7) 3842 (2021)

Catalytic Hydroisomerisation of Fischer–Tropsch Waxes to Lubricating Oil and Investigation of the Correlation between Its Physical Properties and the Chemical Composition of the Corresponding Fuel Fractions

Philipp Neuner, David Graf, Heiko Mild and Reinhard Rauch
Energies 14 (14) 4202 (2021)

Enhanced gasoline selectivity through Fischer-Tropsch synthesis on a bifunctional catalyst: Effects of active sites proximity and reaction temperature

Xin Li, Yao Chen, Shize Liu, et al.
Chemical Engineering Journal 416 129180 (2021)

Transition Metal Sulfides- and Noble Metal-Based Catalysts for N-Hexadecane Hydroisomerization: A Study of Poisons Tolerance

Aleksey Pimerzin, Aleksander Savinov, Anna Vutolkina, et al.
Catalysts 10 (6) 594 (2020)

Hydrocracking of Polyethylene to Jet Fuel Range Hydrocarbons over Bifunctional Catalysts Containing Pt- and Al-Modified MCM-48

Yanyong Liu
Reactions 1 (2) 195 (2020)

Characterization of Metal‐zeolite Composite Catalysts: Determining the Environment of the Active Phase

Mitchell Juneau, Renjie Liu, Yikang Peng, Akhilesh Malge, Zhiqiang Ma and Marc D. Porosoff
ChemCatChem 12 (7) 1826 (2020)

CO2‐neutrale Fischer‐Tropsch‐Kraftstoffe aus dezentralen modularen Anlagen: Status und Perspektiven

Hannah Kirsch, Lucas Brübach, Marcel Loewert, Michael Riedinger, Alexander Gräfenhahn, Tim Böltken, Michael Klumpp, Peter Pfeifer and Roland Dittmeyer
Chemie Ingenieur Technik 92 (1-2) 91 (2020)

Function of well-established mesoporous layers of recrystallized ZSM-22 zeolites in the catalytic performance of n-alkane isomerization

Suyao Liu, Ling Zhang, Liwei Zhang, Huaike Zhang and Jie Ren
New Journal of Chemistry 44 (12) 4744 (2020)

A vision on biomass-to-liquids (BTL) thermochemical routes in integrated sugarcane biorefineries for biojet fuel production

Renato Cruz Neves, Bruno Colling Klein, Ricardo Justino da Silva, et al.
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 119 109607 (2020)

Synergies, cooperation and other effects: a review for hydroconversion catalysts

Pedro S.F. Mendes, João M. Silva, M. Filipa Ribeiro, Antoine Daudin and Christophe Bouchy
Catalysis Today 356 260 (2020)

Hydrocracking of a Heavy Vacuum Gas Oil with Fischer–Tropsch Wax

Olga Pleyer, Dan Vrtiška, Petr Straka, et al.
Energies 13 (20) 5497 (2020)

Preparation and catalytic performance of a novel organometallic CoH/Hβ catalyst for n-hexane isomerization

Mei Zhang, Congcong Wang, Chao Zhang, et al.
New Journal of Chemistry 44 (36) 15646 (2020)

Interface mediated crystallization of plate-like SAPO-41 crystals to promote catalytic hydroisomerization

Xiaoling Zhao, Wei Liu, Jiaqi Wang, et al.
Applied Catalysis A: General 602 117738 (2020)

Bifunctional Intimacy and its Interplay with Metal‐Acid Balance in Shaped Hydroisomerization Catalysts

Pedro S. F. Mendes, João M. Silva, M. Filipa Ribeiro, Antoine Daudin and Christophe Bouchy
ChemCatChem 12 (18) 4582 (2020)

Hydrocracking of Fischer–Tropsch Paraffin Mixtures over Strong Acid Bifunctional Catalysts to Engine Fuels

Szabina Tomasek, Ferenc Lonyi, Jozsef Valyon, Anett Wollmann and Jenő Hancsók
ACS Omega 5 (41) 26413 (2020)

Bridging the gap between academic and industrial hydrocracking: on catalyst and operating conditions' effects

Pedro S. F. Mendes, João M. Silva, M. Filipa Ribeiro, Antoine Daudin and Christophe Bouchy
Catalysis Science & Technology 10 (15) 5136 (2020)

Synthesis of ZSM-23 Zeolite by Two-Stage Temperature-Varied Crystallization and Its Isomerization Performance

Xiaoyan Chen, Hongjuan Xi, Congbiao Chen, Zhongyi Ma and Bo Hou
Applied Sciences 10 (21) 7546 (2020)

Alumina-supported MoNx, MoCx and MoPx catalysts for the hydrotreatment of rapeseed oil

Jan Horáček, Uliana Akhmetzyanova, Lenka Skuhrovcová, Zdeněk Tišler and Héctor de Paz Carmona
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 263 118328 (2020)

Review on dynamic process modeling of gasification based biorefineries and bio-based heat & power plants

Konstantinos Atsonios, Athanasios Nesiadis, Nikolaos Detsios, et al.
Fuel Processing Technology 197 106188 (2020)

Impact of Pore Architecture on the Hydroconversion of Long Chain Alkanes over Micro and Mesoporous Catalysts

Laura Vaugon, Annie Finiels, Thomas Cacciaguerra, et al.
Petroleum Chemistry 60 (4) 479 (2020)

Mild hydroisomerization of heavy naphtha on mono- and bi-metallic Pt and Ni catalysts supported on Beta zeolite

Stamatia A. Karakoulia, Eleni Heracleous and Angelos A. Lappas
Catalysis Today 355 746 (2020)

Titanium methyl tamed on silica: synthesis of a well-defined pre-catalyst for hydrogenolysis of n-alkane

Aya Saidi, Walid Al Maksoud, Manoja K. Samantaray, Edy Abou-Hamad and Jean-Marie Basset
Chemical Communications 56 (87) 13401 (2020)

Quantification of the available acid sites in the hydrocracking of nitrogen-containing feedstocks over USY shaped NiMo-catalysts

Pedro S.F. Mendes, João M. Silva, M. Filipa Ribeiro, Christophe Bouchy and Antoine Daudin
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 71 167 (2019)

Influence of zeolite crystal size on selective conversion of n-alkane: Controlling intermediates’ diffusion distances inside the micropores

Ming Li, Yadong Zhang, Hao Wang, et al.
Fuel 254 115709 (2019)

Potentiality of biomass-nuclear hybrid system deployment scenario: Techno-economic feasibility perspective in South Korea

Hoseok Nam and Satoshi Konishi
Energy 175 1038 (2019)

Suppression of platinum sintering on Pt–M/ZSM-22 (M = Ce, La, and Re) catalyst for n-dodecane isomerization

Qiang Ning, Huaike Zhang, Yurong He, et al.
New Journal of Chemistry 43 (35) 13967 (2019)

Philipe Gunawan Gan, Nathalie Monnerie, Stefan Brendelberger, Martin Roeb, Rafael Guedez, Björn Laumert and Christian Sattler
2126 180009 (2019)

Pyrolysis of waste rubber tires with palladium doped zeolite

Ayman Hijazi, Ala’a H. Al-Muhtaseb, Samer Aouad, Mohammad N. Ahmad and Joseph Zeaiter
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 7 (6) 103451 (2019)

Design and synthesis of Ga-doped ZSM-22 zeolites as highly selective and stable catalysts forn-dodecane isomerization

Suyao Liu, Yurong He, Huaike Zhang, et al.
Catalysis Science & Technology 9 (11) 2812 (2019)

Synthesis of Fe-ZSM-23 zeolite and its catalytic performance for the isomerization of n-dodecane

Xiaoyan Chen, Hongjuan Xi, Minggui Lin, et al.
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 44 (36) 19762 (2019)

Hydroisomerization of n-dodecane over bi-porous Pt-containing bifunctional catalysts: Effects of alkene intermediates’ journey distances within the zeolite micropores

Yadong Zhang, Dong Liu, Zhuowu Men, et al.
Fuel 236 428 (2019)

Influence of Impregnation and Ion Exchange Sequence on Metal Localization, Acidity and Catalytic Performance of Cobalt BEA Zeolite Catalysts in Fischer‐Tropsch Synthesis

Camila Flores, Nuno Batalha, Nilson R. Marcilio, Vitaly V. Ordomsky and Andrei Y. Khodakov
ChemCatChem 11 (1) 568 (2019)