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Gas storage in geological formations: A comparative review on carbon dioxide and hydrogen storage

Haiyi Zhong, Zhongzheng Wang, Yihuai Zhang, Si Suo, Yi Hong, Lizhong Wang and Yixiang Gan
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Maximum column height and optimum storage depth for geological storage of hydrogen

Mojtaba Ghaedi, Pål Østebø Andersen and Raoof Gholami
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Analysis of CO2 Migration in Horizontal Saline Aquifers during Carbon Capture and Storage Process

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Degradation of oil well cement with sodium chloride content exposed to supercritical carbon dioxide conditions: Temperature and pressure effects

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Testing the behavior of nanoalumina as a supplementary material to oil well cement pastes by different dispersive methods under CCS conditions

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An Overview of Geological CO2 Sequestration in Oil and Gas Reservoirs

Aysylu Askarova, Aliya Mukhametdinova, Strahinja Markovic, Galiya Khayrullina, Pavel Afanasev, Evgeny Popov and Elena Mukhina
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Effects of the geothermal gradient on the convective dissolution in CO2 sequestration

Chenglong Hu, Ke Xu and Yantao Yang
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Machine Learning and Flow Assurance in Oil and Gas Production

Amirun Nissa Rehman and Bhajan Lal
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Microalgae cultivation in offshore floating photobioreactor: State-of-the-art, opportunities and challenges

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Economic and environmental benefits of the integration between carbon sequestration and underground gas storage

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Experimental study on dispersion characteristics and CH4 recovery efficiency of CO2, N2 and their mixtures for enhancing gas recovery

Yi Zhang, Shezhan Liu, Mingkun Chen and Siyu Xu
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Effect of adding organo-modified montmorillonite nanoclay on the performance of oil-well cement paste in CO2-rich environments

Martimiano K. Moraes and Eleani Maria da Costa
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Numerical Simulations of Carbon Dioxide Storage in Selected Geological Structures in North-Western Poland

Tomasz Urych, Jarosław Chećko, Małgorzata Magdziarczyk and Adam Smoliński
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Competitive adsorption between CO2 and CH4 in tight sandstone and its influence on CO2-injection enhanced gas recovery (EGR)

Jingchen Ding, Changhui Yan, Guozhuang Wang, Yongming He and Ronghua Zhao
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Influence of Heterogeneous Caprock on the Safety of Carbon Sequestration and Carbon Displacement

Xiaochen Wang, Xinwei Liao, Peng Dong, et al.
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Pore Structure and Seal Capacity of Ilaro Formation Shales in the Eastern Dahomey Basin: Implications from Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure and Spontaneous Imbibition Analyses

Chima Finnian Ukaomah, Linhao Zhang, Yanran Xu, et al.
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Simulation on Effects of Injection Parameters on CO2 Enhanced Gas Recovery in a Heterogeneous Natural Gas Reservoir

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Chemical resistance and mechanical properties of nanosilica addition in oil well cement

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Seismic modelling study of CO2 effects on P-wave amplitude

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Carbon-Negative Scenarios in High CO2 Gas Condensate Reservoirs

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Economic and Environmental Benefits of the Integration between Carbon Sequestration and Underground Gas Storage

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Potential of CO2-enhanced oil recovery coupled with carbon capture and storage in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions in the UAE

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A comprehensive review of value-added CO2 sequestration in subsurface saline aquifers

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Recovery mechanisms of hydrocarbon mixtures in organic and inorganic nanopores during pressure drawdown and CO2 injection from molecular perspectives

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Zeolite and fly ash in the composition of oil well cement: Evaluation of degradation by CO2 under geological storage condition

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Geological storage capacity for green excess energy readily available in Germany

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Prospects for Production and Use of Hydrogen as one of Directions of the Development of Low-Carbon Economy in the Russian Federation

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Evaluation of density influence on resistance to carbonation process in oil well cement slurries

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Preliminary Numerical Modeling of CO2 Geological Storage in the Huangcaoxia Gas Reservoir in the Eastern Sichuan Basin, China

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Solubility trapping as a potential secondary mechanism for CO2 sequestration during enhanced gas recovery by CO2 injection in conventional natural gas reservoirs: An experimental approach

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Coupled thermo–hydro–mechanical simulation of CO 2 enhanced gas recovery with an extended equation of state module for TOUGH2MP-FLAC3D

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Seabed mapping to support geological storage of carbon dioxide in offshore Australia

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CO2 Geological Storage and Utilization for a Carbon Neutral “Power-to-gas-to-power” Cycle to Even Out Fluctuations of Renewable Energy Provision

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Numerical investigation of the influence of vertical permeability heterogeneity in stratified formation and of injection/production well perforation placement on CO2 geological storage with enhanced CH4 recovery

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Aqueous Corrosion Testing and Neural Network Modeling to Simulate Corrosion of Supercritical CO2 Pipelines in the Carbon Capture and Storage Cycle

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Injection operation and operational pressure–temperature monitoring at the CO2 storage pilot site Ketzin, Germany—Design, results, recommendations

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Negative carbon via Ocean Afforestation

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Wettability determination by contact angle measurements: hvbB coal–water system with injection of synthetic flue gas and CO2

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