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Coupled multiphase flow and viscoelastic mechanics modeling of gas injection in a compacted bentonite buffer

Shu-Hua Lai, Jui-Sheng Chen and Ya-Hui Yang
Geomechanics for Energy and the Environment 38 100537 (2024)

3D basin modeling of the Hils Syncline, Germany: reconstruction of burial and thermal history and implications for petrophysical properties of potential Mesozoic shale host rocks for nuclear waste storage

Leidy Castro-Vera, Sebastian Amberg, Garri Gaus, Katharina Leu and Ralf Littke
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Saturated hydraulic conductivity of compacted bentonite–sand mixtures before and after gas migration in artificial seawater

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Review for Mechanisms of Gas Generation and Properties of Gas Migration in SNF (Spent Nuclear Fuel) Repository Site

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Spatial distribution of mineral development in Carboniferous Bowland Shale, UK at 3D micro- to nano- scales

Jingyue Hao, Lin Ma, Cathy Hollis, Anne-Laure Fauchille and Kevin G. Taylor
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Benchmarking a new TH2M implementation in OGS-6 with regard to processes relevant for nuclear waste disposal

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GeomInt—Discontinuities in Geosystems From Lab to Field Scale

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3D Simulations of gas injection on callovo-oxfordian claystone assuming spatial heterogeneity and anisotropy

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Multi-Scale Pore Structure Characterization of Silurian Marine Shale and Its Coupling Relationship With Material Composition: A Case Study in the Northern Guizhou Area

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Research Developments in Geotechnics, Geo-Informatics and Remote Sensing

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Novel Portland cement matrices incorporating a γ-MnO2/Ag2O hydrogen/tritium getter -Structure changes and trapping performance

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Machine learning-based models for predicting gas breakthrough pressure of porous media with low/ultra-low permeability

Cen Gao, Pu-Huai Lu, Wei-Min Ye, et al.
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Parametric Sensitivity to Capillary Entry Pressure in Two-Phase Water–Gas Flow Models: Deep Geologic Disposal of Radioactive Waste

Abdellah Amri, Zakaria Saâdi and Rachid Ababou
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Discrete Dilatant Pathway Modeling of Gas Migration Through Compacted Bentonite Clay

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Micropore Characteristics and Geological Significance of Shale Reservoirs: Case Study of Fuling Shale Gas in Sichuan Basin, China

Liang Cheng, Fujia Guan, Dehua Liu, et al.
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A two-scale hydro-mechanical-damage model for simulation of preferential gas flow in saturated clayey host rocks for nuclear repository

Jianxiong Yang and Mamadou Fall
Computers and Geotechnics 138 104365 (2021)

Hydric Cycle Impacts on COx Argillite Permeability and Young’s Modulus

Zhibo Duan, Frédéric Skoczylas, Chuanrui Wang and Jean Talandier
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Investigating models to represent gas transport in a swelling geomaterial

Elias Ernest Dagher, Thanh Son Nguyen and Julio Ángel Infante Sedano
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Coupled hydro-mechanical modelling of dilatancy controlled gas flow and gas induced fracturing in saturated claystone

Jianxiong Yang and Mamadou Fall
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Insights into gas migration behavior in saturated GMZ bentonite under flexible constraint conditions

Lin-yong Cui, Wei-Min Ye, Qiong Wang, et al.
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Influence of cyclic thermal processes on gas migration in saturated GMZ01 bentonite

Lin-Yong Cui, Wei-Min Ye, Qiong Wang, et al.
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Hydro-mechanical modelling of gas transport in clayey host rocks for nuclear waste repositories

Jianxiong Yang and Mamadou Fall
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Two-phase transport in a cemented waste package considering spatio-temporal evolution of chemical conditions

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Advances in modelling of hydro-mechanical processes in gas migration within saturated bentonite: A state-of-art review

Guanlong Guo and Mamadou Fall
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A Thermodynamically Consistent Phase Field Model for Gas Transport in Saturated Bentonite Accounting for Initial Stress State

Guanlong Guo and Mamadou Fall
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Experimental assessment of the hydro-mechanical behaviour of a shale caprock during CO2 injection

Alberto Minardi, Eleni Stavropoulou, Taeheon Kim, Alessio Ferrari and Lyesse Laloui
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Fault sealing and caprock integrity for CO<sub>2</sub> storage: an in situ injection experiment

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Chemo‐Mechanical Coupling in Fractured Shale With Water and Hydrocarbon Flow

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Jianxiong Yang and Mamadou Fall
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Inverted U-shaped permeability enhancement due to thermally induced desorption determined from strain-based analysis of experiments on shale at constant pore pressure

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