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Reduction in the transport of sour gases and hydrocarbons to underlying PE-RT through thin films of PVDF

Abderrazak Traidia, Bernadette Craster, Jerome Rondin and Abdallah Al Tamimi
Journal of Membrane Science 694 122416 (2024)

Molecular Dynamics Study of the Diffusion of Helium in High-Density Polyethylene Composites Reinforced with Monocrystalline and Bicrystalline Hexagonal Boron Nitride Nanosheets: Implications for Helium Storage

Kaushlendra Kumar, S. P. Harsha and Avinash Parashar
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Transport Behavior of Pure and Mixed Gas through Thermoplastic-Lined Pipes Materials

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Securing offshore resources development: A mathematical investigation into gas leakage in long-distance flexible pipes

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Contribution to modeling hydrogen permeation and thickness optimization in blow molded plastic liners for on-board compressed hydrogen tanks

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A comparison of calculation methods for the diffusion coefficient as a potential tool for identifying material alteration with time

Hamad Raheem, Bernadette Craster and Ashwin Seshia
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A method to improve the barrier performance of flexible riser internal pressure sheath—Heat transfer experiment and simulation

Xiaoyu Meng, Jihong Wen, Yulun Liu, Hongjie Song, Mei Wang, Yuanyuan Wang and Qiong Zhou
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Grand canonical Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics investigation of hydrogen solubility and diffusivity in nonmetallic polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and polyvinylidene fluoride pipes materials

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Mukesh Kumar
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Review of the Hydrogen Permeation Test of the Polymer Liner Material of Type IV On-Board Hydrogen Storage Cylinders

Xiang Li, Qianghua Huang, Yitao Liu, Baodi Zhao and Jiepu Li
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A quantum chemical and molecular dynamics simulation study on photo-oxidative aging of polyethylene: Mechanism and differences between crystalline and amorphous phases

Xiangze Meng, Guangxuan Jin and Rui Yang
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Review of Decompression Damage of the Polymer Liner of the Type IV Hydrogen Storage Tank

Zeping Jin, Ying Su, Hong Lv, et al.
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Polymer EVA-OH membrane with improved water/gas separation performance: Influence of VAc/VOH repeating units ratio on membrane physical chemical properties

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Molecular Dynamics Investigation of the Effect of Shear during Extrusion on the Permeation Behavior of CH4 in High-Density Polyethylene

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Coupled effect of UV ageing and temperature on the diffusive transport of aqueous, vapour and gaseous phase organic contaminants through HDPE geomembrane

R.K. Anjana, S. Keerthana and Dali Naidu Arnepalli
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Supercritical CO2 permeation in polymeric films: Design, characterization, and modeling

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Coupled effect of organic fouling and scaling in the treatment of hyper-saline produced water using forward osmosis

Mustafa Al-Furaiji, Mohammed Kadhom, Basma Waisi and Khairi Kalash
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Investigation of the Gas Permeation Properties Using the Volumetric Analysis Technique for Polyethylene Materials Enriched with Pure Gases under High Pressure: H2, He, N2, O2 and Ar

Ji-Hun Lee, Ye-Won Kim and Jae-Kap Jung
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Prediction of flexible pipe annulus composition by numerical modeling: identification of key parameters

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Analysis of Permeation and Diffusion Coefficients to Infer Aging Attributes in Polymers Subjected to Supercritical CO2 and H2 Gas at High Pressures

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Study of CO2 high pressure effect in polymeric layers of flexible pipes

Fabricio Santos, Mario Luis Ribeiro, Sílvia Sousa, et al.
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Molecular Simulation on Permeation Behavior of CH4/CO2/H2S Mixture Gas in PVDF at Service Conditions

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Electrochemical CO2 Reduction on Zinc and Brass with Modulated Proton Transfer Using Membrane-Modified Electrodes

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Compatibility of High-Density Polyethylene Piping and Associated Elastomers with the Renewable Fuels Ammonia and Dimethyl Ether

Yuecheng Zhang, Sandra Kentish and Colin A. Scholes
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Molecular dynamics simulation of H2 in amorphous polyethylene system: H2 diffusion in various PE matrices and bubbling during rapid depressurization

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Gas permeameter for polymers and nanocomposites: a new equipment

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Modeling and Experiment for the Diffusion Coefficient of Subcritical Carbon Dioxide in Poly(methyl methacrylate) to Predict Gas Sorption and Desorption

Jaehoo Kim, Kwan Hoon Kim, Youngjae Ryu and Sung Woon Cha
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On the limitation of the time-lag method for characterizing mixed-matrix membranes embedding filler particles of different permeability

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Using XPS and FTIR spectroscopies to investigate polyamide 11 degradation on aging flexible risers

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Effect of Pressure and Temperature on the Sorption of Gases by Fluoroelastomers

Le Michael Cai, Kapil Surve, Jushik Yun, et al.
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Influence of pressure-induced temperature drop on the foaming behavior of amorphous polylactide (PLA) during autoclave foaming with supercritical CO2

Marcel Dippold and Holger Ruckdäschel
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Crystal morphology and non-isothermal crystallization kinetics of polyvinylidene fluoride used as a pressure barrier in flexible pipes: nanoclay effect

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Determination of changes in physicochemical and sensory characteristics of purple passion fruit with the application of different packaging systems, including an ethylene scavenger additive

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Application of Metal-Organic Framework-Based Composites for Gas Sensing and Effects of Synthesis Strategies on Gas-Sensitive Performance

Bo Huang, Yanqiong Li and Wen Zeng
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Diffusion of nitrogen gas through polyethylene based films

Annamaria Visco, Cristina Scolaro, Alfio Torrisi and Lorenzo Torrisi

Degradation Monitoring of HDPE Material in CO2-Saturated NaCl Environment through Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Technique

Hafiz Usman Khalid, Mokhtar Che Ismail and Norlin Nosbi
Materials 14 (11) 2823 (2021)

PVDF containing different oxide nanoparticles for application in oil and gas pipelines

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Numerical investigation of gas permeation and condensation behavior of flexible risers

Kai Wang, Xichong Yu, Lijun Zheng, Enyong Zhang and Yuantao He
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 203 108622 (2021)

Review of the Hydrogen Permeability of the Liner Material of Type IV On-Board Hydrogen Storage Tank

Ying Su, Hong Lv, Wei Zhou and Cunman Zhang
World Electric Vehicle Journal 12 (3) 130 (2021)

Critical review of models for H2-permeation through polymers with focus on the differential pressure method

Johannes Macher, Andreas Hausberger, Astrid E. Macher, Matthias Morak and Bernd Schrittesser
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Numerical Analysis of a Continuous Vulcanization Line to Enhance CH4 Reduction in XLPE-Insulated Cables

Mohd Fuad Anwari Che Ruslan, Dong Joon Youn, Roshan Aarons, Yabin Sun and Shuyu Sun
Materials 14 (4) 1018 (2021)

Effects of supercritical carbon dioxide sorption on the microstructure of poly(vinylidene fluoride)

Ahmad Zeinolebadi, Jan Schwaderer, Sabine Beuermann, Tatjana von Ostrowski and Philip Jaeger
The Journal of Supercritical Fluids 177 105347 (2021)

Gas permeameter in polymer nanocomposite plates: construction and validation

Gilberto João Pavani, Sergio Adalberto Pavani and Carlos Arthur Ferreira
Iranian Polymer Journal 30 (6) 583 (2021)

Poly(vinylidene fluoride) with zinc oxide and carbon nanotubes applied to pressure sheath layers in oil and gas pipelines

Fernanda Fabbri Gondim, Lucas Galhardo Pimenta Tienne, Barbara de Salles Macena da Cruz, Erica Gervasoni Chaves, Augusto Cesar de Carvalho Peres and Maria de Fatima Vieira Marques
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 138 (14) (2021)

Processing and Development of Polysaccharide-Based Biopolymers for Packaging Applications

Jissy Jacob, Usman Lawal, Sabu Thomas and Ravi Babu Valapa
Processing and Development of Polysaccharide-Based Biopolymers for Packaging Applications 97 (2020)

Sorption, diffusivity, permeability and mechanical properties of chitosan, potassium sorbate, or nisin incorporated active polymer films

Sevgin Diblan, Burcu Gökkaya Erdem and Sevim Kaya
Journal of Food Science and Technology 57 (10) 3708 (2020)

ZnO@ZIF-8: Gas sensitive core-shell hetero-structures show reduced cross-sensitivity to humidity

Sreeja Sreedharan Nair, Navas Illyaskutty, Benjamin Tam, et al.
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Permeation Damage of Polymer Liner in Oil and Gas Pipelines: A Review

Hafiz Usman Khalid, Mokhtar Che Ismail and Norlin Nosbi
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Estimation of diffusion coefficients for multiple penetrant/polyolefin systems based on sorption data

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Research on hydrogen permeability of polyamide 6 as the liner material for type Ⅳ hydrogen storage tank

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Electrochemical CO2 reduction to methane with remarkably high Faradaic efficiency in the presence of a proton permeable membrane

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A novel method to characterize thermal properties of the polymer and gas/supercritical fluid mixture using dielectric measurements

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Numerical Study of CH4 Generation and Transport in XLPE-Insulated Cables in Continuous Vulcanization

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Corrosion protection of steel pipelines with metal-polymer composite barrier liners

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Thermally stable cellular poly(vinylidene) ferroelectrets: Optimization of CO2 driven inflation process

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Permeation of a Range of Species through Polymer Layers under Varying Conditions of Temperature and Pressure: In Situ Measurement Methods

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Fabrication of Hybrid Membranes Containing Nylon-11 and Organic Semiconductor Particles with Potential Applications in Molecular Electronics

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Design of biobased poly(butylene succinate) foams by single‐screw extrusion: Identification of relevant rheological parameters controlling foam morphologies

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Effect of Moisture on Methane Permeation Through Fermenter Covering Films in Biogas Plants

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A propane burner test for passive fire protection (PFP) formulations containing added halloysite, carbon nanotubes and graphene

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New Development of Membrane Base Optoelectronic Devices

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Polymeric Gas-Separation Membranes for Petroleum Refining

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Critical Periods of Storage of the Greenhouse Gases in Polypropylene Syringe

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