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Recent advances, challenges, and perspectives on carbon capture

Shihan Zhang, Yao Shen, Chenghang Zheng, Qianqian Xu, Yifang Sun, Min Huang, Lu Li, Xiongwei Yang, Hao Zhou, Heliang Ma, Zhendong Li, Yuanhang Zhang, Wenqing Liu and Xiang Gao
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New approach for particle size and shape analysis of iron-based oxygen carriers at multiple oxidation states

Victor Purnomo, Marcelo Dal Belo Takehara, Robin Faust, Lidiya Abdisa Ejjeta and Henrik Leion
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Self-supported oxygen carrier SrFe12O19 for chemical looping: thermodynamic analysis, kinetics and redox stability

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Operational experiences of chemical-looping combustion with 18 manganese ores in a 300W unit

Anders Lyngfelt, Patrick Moldenhauer, Max Biermann, Kristof Johannsen, Dominik Wimmer and Malin Hanning
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Biomass energy perspective in Pakistan based on chemical looping gasification for hydrogen production and power generation

Fasiha Tahir, Muhammad Azam Saeed and Usman Ali
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Ilmenite: A promising oxygen carrier for the scale-up of chemical looping

Pietro Bartocci, Alberto Abad, Arturo Cabello Flores and Margarita de las Obras Loscertales
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Multiphase Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation of Air and Fuel Reactors of Chemical Looping Combustion

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Achieving Adequate Circulation in Chemical Looping Combustion─Design Proposal for a 200 MWth Chemical Looping Combustion Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler

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Assessment of a novel coupling integrated process for coproducing syngas and hydrogen from natural gas and biomass feedstocks with in-situ CO2 utilization

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Alkali interactions with a calcium manganite oxygen carrier used in chemical looping combustion

Viktor Andersson, Amir H. Soleimanisalim, Xiangrui Kong, et al.
Fuel Processing Technology 227 107099 (2022)

Chemical looping combustion of sulfur paste to SO2 by phosphogypsum oxygen carrier for sulfur acid production

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Thermodynamic evaluation and modelling of an auto-thermal hybrid system of chemical looping combustion and air separation for power generation coupling with CO2 cycles

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DFT study of the reaction mechanism of CuO–char in chemical-looping combustion

Deng Zhao, Hui Liu, Di Zhu, et al.
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Syngas Production in a 1.5 kWth Biomass Chemical Looping Gasification Unit Using Fe and Mn Ores as the Oxygen Carrier

Oscar Condori, Luis Francisco de Diego, Francisco Garcia-Labiano, et al.
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Biomass chemical looping gasification for syngas production using ilmenite as oxygen carrier in a 1.5 kWth unit

Oscar Condori, Francisco García-Labiano, Luis F. de Diego, et al.
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Mechanism Analysis of Coal with CuO in the In Situ Gasification Chemical-Looping Combustion and In Situ Gasification Chemical-Looping with Oxygen Uncoupling Process

Cao Kuang, Shuzhong Wang, Ming Luo and Jun Zhao
Energy & Fuels 35 (1) 618 (2021)

Commissioning, performance benchmarking, and investigation of alkali emissions in a 10 kWth solid fuel chemical looping combustion pilot

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Redox performance of manganese ore in a fluidized bed thermogravimetric analyzer for chemical looping combustion

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Techno-economic analysis of processes with integration of fluidized bed heat exchangers for H2 production – Part 2: Chemical-looping combustion

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Safety and environmental reasons for the use of Ni-, Co-, Cu-, Mn- and Fe-based oxygen carriers in CLC/CLOU applications: An overview

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Numerical and experimental analysis for simulating fuel reactor in chemical looping combustor system

Tamer M. Ismail, Lu Ding, Khaled Ramzy and M. Abd El-Salam
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Physical mixtures as simple and efficient alternative to alloy carriers in chemical looping processes

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Biomass-based chemical looping technologies: the good, the bad and the future

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The EU-FP7 Project SUCCESS – Scale-up of Oxygen Carrier for Chemical Looping Combustion using Environmentally Sustainable Materials

Stefan Penthor, Tobias Mattisson, Juan Adánez, et al.
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Synthesis of a Highly Active and Stable Nickel‐Embedded Alumina Catalyst for Methane Dry Reforming: On the Confinement Effects of Alumina Shells for Nickel Nanoparticles

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Performance of Perovskite‐Type Oxides as Oxygen‐Carrier Materials for Chemical Looping Combustion in the Presence of H2S

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Spouted bed reactor for kinetic measurements of reduction of Fe2O3 in a CO2/CO atmosphere Part I: Atmospheric pressure measurements and equipment commissioning

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Bioethanol combustion with CO2 capture in a 1kWth Chemical Looping Combustion prototype: Suitability of the oxygen carrier

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Deactivation Study of Fe2O3–CeO2 during Redox Cycles for CO Production from CO2

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Effect of co-precipitation and impregnation on K-decorated Fe 2 O 3 /Al 2 O 3 oxygen carrier in Chemical Looping Combustion of bituminous coal

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