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Catalytic Properties of Two Complexes of chromium(III) and cobalt(II) with Nitrilotriacetate, Dipicolinate, and 4-Acetylpyridine

Jacek Malinowski, Joanna Drzeżdżon, Katarzyna N. Jarzembska, et al.
Materials 16 (9) 3308 (2023)

Microenvironment Modulation of Metal–Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for Coordination Olefin Oligomerization and (co)Polymerization

Chuan‐Lei Zhang, Tao Zhou, Yong‐Qing Li, Xin Lu, Ye‐Bin Guan, Yu‐Cai Cao and Gui‐Ping Cao
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Selective ethylene tetramerization: an overview

Biaobiao Hao, Fakhre Alam, Yan Jiang, et al.
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Phosphinite‐Ligand‐Assisted Chromium Pre‐catalysts and their Ethylene Oligomerization Properties

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High-Temperature Conversion of Olefins to Liquid Hydrocarbons on γ-Al2O3

Matthew A. Conrad, Jaiden E. DeLine and Jeffrey T. Miller
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Intensification of the Oligomerization and Hydrogenation Stage for Biojet Fuel Production: Preliminary Outlines

Agueda Constanza Villareal-Hernández, Maira Dolores Ramírez-Mendiola, Juan José Quiroz-Ramírez, et al.
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 62 (22) 8820 (2023)

Light Olefins from Acetylene under Pressurized Conditions

Özgül Agbaba, Ioan-Teodor Trotuş, Wolfgang Schmidt and Ferdi Schüth
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Chromium Ethylene Tri-/Tetramerization Catalysts Supported by Iminophosphine Ligands

Xing Zhao, Jihe Wang, Dongchang Liu, Weihuan Kong and Jun Zhang
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Validation of the Cossee–Arlman mechanism for propylene oligomerization on Ni/UiO-66

Benjamin Yeh, Saumil Chheda, Jian Zheng, Julian Schmid, Laura Löbbert, Ricardo Bermejo-Deval, Oliver Y. Gutiérrez, Johannes A. Lercher, Laura Gagliardi and Aditya Bhan
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Ethanol to diesel: a sustainable alternative for the heavy-duty transportation sector

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Sustainable Energy & Fuels 7 (3) 693 (2023)

Diverse Strategies for Catalytic Reactions

Vishnu Prasad Yadav, Anil Kumar Chandrakar and Amit Jain
Catalysis: Current and Future Developments, Diverse Strategies for Catalytic Reactions 2 140 (2023)

Nickel-Catalyzed Dimerization of Di- and Trisubstituted Olefins

Sam Yruegas, Michele Paccagnini, Suzzy C. Ho, Aaron Sattler and Paul J. Chirik
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Linear long-chain α-olefins from hydrodeoxygenation of methyl palmitate over copper phyllosilicate catalysts

Warot Prasanseang, Kittisak Choojun, Yingyot Poo-arporn, et al.
Applied Catalysis A: General 635 118555 (2022)

Optimization-based framework for modeling and kinetic parameter estimation

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Effect of metal–acid balance and textual modifications on hydroisomerization catalysts for n-alkanes with different chain length: A mini-review

Chenhao Wei, Guohao Zhang, Liang Zhao, Jinsen Gao and Chunming Xu
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Synthesis and ethylene oligomerization behavior of trinuclear nickel complex with phosphorus dendrimer

Lijun Guo, Jin Huang, Na Chen, et al.
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Novel Ni-SIRAL Catalyst for Heterogeneous Ethylene Oligomerization

Gabriel V. S. Seufitelli and Richard Gustafson
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Catalytic oligomerization and polymerization of ethylene with complexes of iron triad metals: influence of metal nature and new prospects

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Techno-Economic Analysis and CO2 Emissions of the Bioethanol-to-Jet Fuel Process

Hyeon Park, Ho-Jeong Chae, Young-Woong Suh, Young-Min Chung and Myung-June Park
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New olefin production routes—A review of defossilised supply chain technologies with regards to surfactant production

Edward G. Platt and Peter Styring
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Single-site, Ni-modified Wells–Dawson-type polyoxometalate for propylene dimerization

Galiya Magazova, Yoonrae Cho, Jessica A. Muhlenkamp and Jason C. Hicks
Catalysis Science & Technology 12 (19) 5970 (2022)

Tailored recycling chemicals and fuels from poly‐3‐hydroxybutyrate: A review

Shimin Kang, Jianhao Liang, Haojun Yuan, Fenggui Lin, Dongyao Deng and Jinxia Fu
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Bis(pyrazolyl)thioether/amine‐chromium(III) catalysts bearing pendant O‐ and N‐donor group for oligomerization and polymerization of ethylene

Lucilene L. de Oliveria, Robson S. Oliboni, Rafael Stieler, Adriana C. A. Casagrande and Osvaldo L. Casagrande
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Oligo- and polymerization of ethylene by pyrrolide-imine chromium catalysts bearing pendant O-, S- and N-donor groups. Synthesis, characterization and DFT studies

Sabrina M. da Silva, Adriana C. Pinheiro, Miriã T. da Costa, et al.
Molecular Catalysis 528 112495 (2022)

Selective adsorption of butenes over butanes on isoreticular Ni-IRMOF-74-I and Ni-IRMOF-74-II

Jay Thakkar, Winters Kexi Guo, Michael J. Janik and Xueyi Zhang
RSC Advances 12 (32) 20599 (2022)

A rigid-flexible double-layer steric strategy for ethylene (co)oligomerization with pyridine-imine Ni(ii) and Pd(ii) complexes

Zhengpeng Yan, Huiqin Bi, Beihang Ding, et al.
New Journal of Chemistry 46 (18) 8669 (2022)

Effect of catalyst support on cobalt catalysts for ethylene oligomerization into linear olefins

Alvin Jonathan, Raka G. Dastidar, Chengrong Wang, James A. Dumesic and George W. Huber
Catalysis Science & Technology 12 (11) 3639 (2022)

Transition Metal–(μ-Cl)–Aluminum Bonding in α-Olefin and Diene Chemistry

Ilya E. Nifant’ev, Ildar I. Salakhov and Pavel V. Ivchenko
Molecules 27 (21) 7164 (2022)

Cleaner technology for the production of linear long-chain α-olefins through a “millisecond” oxidative cracking process: a positive impact of the reactant carbon chain length

Hugo Cruchade, Y. Pouilloux, R. Beauchet and Ludovic Pinard
New Journal of Chemistry 46 (8) 3570 (2022)

Linear α-olefin oligomerization and polymerization catalyzed by metal-organic frameworks

Ahmed Alzamly, Maram Bakiro, Salwa Hussein Ahmed, Lamia A. Siddig and Ha L. Nguyen
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Ethylene oligomerization on nickel catalysts on a solid acid support: From New mechanistic insights to tunable bifunctionality

Elsa Koninckx, Pedro S.F. Mendes, Joris W. Thybaut and Linda J. Broadbelt
Applied Catalysis A: General 624 118296 (2021)

Theoretical Insight into the Effect of Fluorine‐Functionalized Metal‐Organic Framework Supported Palladium Single‐Site Catalyst in the Ethylene Dimerization Reaction

Daniela E. Ortega
Chemistry – A European Journal 27 (40) 10413 (2021)

Oligomerization of n-butenes over Ni/SiO2–Al2O3: influence of support modification by steam-treating

Fabian Nadolny, Ursula Bentrup, Nils Rockstroh, et al.
Catalysis Science & Technology 11 (14) 4732 (2021)

Chromium(III) complexes based on phenoxy-imine ligands with pendant N- and O-donor groups as precatalysts for ethylene oligomerization: synthesis, characterization, and DFT studies

L.L. de Oliveira, F.I. Batista, R.S. Oliboni, et al.
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 936 121710 (2021)

Oligomerization of ethylene to linear α-olefins in the presence of complex catalytic systems based on zirconium carboxylates

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Kataliz v promyshlennosti 21 (4) 238 (2021)

Singlet-to-Triplet Spin Transitions Facilitate Selective 1-Butene Formation during Ethylene Dimerization in Ni(II)-MFU-4l

Jenna L. Mancuso, Carlo A. Gaggioli, Laura Gagliardi and Christopher H. Hendon
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 125 (40) 22036 (2021)

Chromium complexes supported by bidentate thioether-imine [N,S] ligands: synthesis and ethylene oligomerization studies

J. L. S. Milani, A. F. P. Biajoli, F. I. Batista, R. S. Oliboni and O. L. Casagrande
New Journal of Chemistry 45 (4) 1814 (2021)

Catalysis for Clean Energy and Environmental Sustainability

R. Vinayagamoorthi, B. Viswanathan and K. R. Krishnamurthy
Catalysis for Clean Energy and Environmental Sustainability 505 (2021)

Optimal design of ethylene and propylene coproduction plants with generalized disjunctive programming and state equipment network models

H.A. Pedrozo, S.B. Rodriguez Reartes, A.R. Vecchietti, M.S. Diaz and I.E. Grossmann
Computers & Chemical Engineering 149 107295 (2021)

Oligomerization of Ethylene to Linear α-Olefins Using Complex Catalytic Systems of Zirconium Carboxylate

K. Sh. Gadzhieva-Etai, A. A. Khanmetov, M. D. Khamiev, et al.
Catalysis in Industry 13 (4) 378 (2021)

Titanium Complexes with Functional Alkoxido Ligands for Selective Ethylene Dimerization – A High Throughput Experimentation Approach

Fabien L. Grasset, Richard Welter, Pierre Braunstein, Hélène Olivier‐Bourbigou and Lionel Magna
ChemCatChem 13 (9) 2167 (2021)

Cleaner technology for the production of linear long chain α-olefins through a “millisecond” oxidative cracking process

Hugo Cruchade, Claude Veit, Jean-Jacques Colin, et al.
Applied Catalysis A: General 610 117944 (2021)

Kinetic Modeling of Ethylene Oligomerization to High-Chain-Length Olefins Over Al-SBA-15-Supported Ni Catalyst with LiAlH4 Co-catalyst

Yesol Woo, Mi Shin, Young-Woong Suh and Myung-June Park
Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis 132 (1) 499 (2021)

Site Densities, Rates, and Mechanism of Stable Ni/UiO-66 Ethylene Oligomerization Catalysts

Benjamin Yeh, Stephen P. Vicchio, Saumil Chheda, et al.
Journal of the American Chemical Society 143 (48) 20274 (2021)

Gas-liquid flow characterization and mass transfer study in a microreactor for oligomerization catalyst testing

Mahmoud Kamaleddine, Charles Bonnin, Typhène Michel, et al.
Chemical Engineering and Processing - Process Intensification 166 108476 (2021)

Olefin oligomerization by main group Ga3+ and Zn2+ single site catalysts on SiO2

Nicole J. LiBretto, Yinan Xu, Aubrey Quigley, et al.
Nature Communications 12 (1) (2021)

Chromium Complexes Supported by Phenyl Ether‐Pyrazolyl [N,O] Ligands as Catalysts for the Oligo‐ and Polymerization of Ethylene

Jorge L.S. Milani and Osvaldo L. Casagrande
Applied Organometallic Chemistry 34 (12) (2020)

Low-Temperature Dehydration of Ethanol to Ethylene over Cu–Zeolite Catalysts Synthesized from Cu–Tetraethylenepentamine

Zhiyi Wu, Jian Zhang, Zerui Su, et al.
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 59 (39) 17300 (2020)

Mechanistic insights into alkene chain growth reactions catalyzed by nickel active sites on ordered microporous and mesoporous supports

Ravi Joshi, Arunima Saxena and Rajamani Gounder
Catalysis Science & Technology 10 (21) 7101 (2020)

Benefits of the SiO2-supported nickel phosphide catalyst on ethylene oligomerization

Mi Shin, Hwiram Jeong, Myung-June Park and Young-Woong Suh
Applied Catalysis A: General 591 117376 (2020)

Nanotechnology-Based Industrial Applications of Ionic Liquids

Haydar Göksu, Nursefa Zengin, Hilal Acıdereli, et al.
Nanotechnology in the Life Sciences, Nanotechnology-Based Industrial Applications of Ionic Liquids 99 (2020)

Influence of Remaining Acid Sites of an Amorphous Aluminosilicate on the Oligomerization of n-Butenes after Impregnation with Nickel Ions

Fabian Nadolny, Felix Alscher, Stephan Peitz, et al.
Catalysts 10 (12) 1487 (2020)

Titanium-based phenoxy-imine catalyst for selective ethylene trimerization: effect of temperature on the activity, selectivity and properties of polymeric side products

Astrid Cordier, Pierre-Alain Breuil, Typhène Michel, et al.
Catalysis Science & Technology 10 (6) 1602 (2020)

Silver(I) and Nickel(II) Complexes with Oxygen‐ or Nitrogen‐Functionalized NHC Ditopic Ligands and Catalytic Ethylene Oligomerization

Xiaoyu Ren, Marcel Wesolek, Corinne Bailly, Lydia Karmazin and Pierre Braunstein
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2020 (11-12) 1073 (2020)

Selective Ethylene Dimerization into 2-Butenes Using Homogeneous and Supported Nickel(II) 2-Iminopyridine Catalysts

Artem A. Antonov, Nina V. Semikolenova, Igor E. Soshnikov, Evgenii P. Talsi and Konstantin P. Bryliakov
Topics in Catalysis 63 (1-2) 222 (2020)

A way to avoid polymeric side products during the liquid-phase ethylene oligomerization with SBA-15 supported (bpy)Ni(II)Cl2 heterogeneous catalyst

Dae Yong Shin, Jong Ho Yoon, Hionsuck Baik and Suk Joong Lee
Applied Catalysis A: General 590 117363 (2020)

Ni-Based Complexes in Selective Ethylene Oligomerization Processes

Giyjaz E. Bekmukhamedov, Aleksandr V. Sukhov, Aidar M. Kuchkaev and Dmitry G. Yakhvarov
Catalysts 10 (5) 498 (2020)

Synthesis of Cationic, Dimeric α-Diimine Nickel Hydride Complexes and Relevance to the Polymerization of Olefins

Nadia G. Léonard, Sam Yruegas, Suzzy C. Ho, et al.
Organometallics 39 (14) 2630 (2020)

Deoxygenation of heptanoic acid to hexene over cobalt-based catalysts: A model study for α-olefin production from renewable fatty acid

Ploynisa Phichitsurathaworn, Kittisak Choojun, Yingyot Poo-arporn and Tawan Sooknoi
Applied Catalysis A: General 602 117644 (2020)

Activated Niobium and Tantalum Imido Complexes: From Tuneable Polymerization to Selective Ethylene Dimerization Systems

Antonis M. Messinis, Andrei S. Batsanov, Judith A. K. Howard, Martin J. Hanton and Philip W. Dyer
ChemCatChem 11 (6) 1756 (2019)

Effects of aluminoxane cocatalysts on bis(imino)pyridine iron‐catalyzed ethylene oligomerization

Wei Zhang, Jian Ye, Binbo Jiang, Jingdai Wang, Zuwei Liao, Zhengliang Huang, Yongrong Yang and Zhibin Ye
The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering 97 (4) 903 (2019)

Metal–Organic Gels Derived from Iron(III) and Pyridine Ligands: Morphology, Self‐Healing and Catalysis for Ethylene Selective Dimerization

Botian Li, Xue Zhou, Xiangyun Liu, Haimu Ye, Ying Zhang and Qiong Zhou
Chemistry – An Asian Journal 14 (9) 1582 (2019)

Ethylene polymerization of nickel catalysts with α-diimine ligands: factors controlling the structure of active species and polymer properties

Igor E. Soshnikov, Konstantin P. Bryliakov, Artem A. Antonov, Wen-Hua Sun and Evgenii P. Talsi
Dalton Transactions 48 (23) 7974 (2019)

Cu(i), Ag(i), Ni(ii), Cr(iii) and Ir(i) complexes with tritopic NimineCNHCNamine pincer ligands and catalytic ethylene oligomerization

Xiaoyu Ren, Marcel Wesolek and Pierre Braunstein
Dalton Transactions 48 (34) 12895 (2019)

Chromium catalysts for ethylene trimerization/tetramerization functionalized with ortho-fluorinated arylphosphine ligand

Hoseong Lee, Yongnam Joe and Hyoseung Park
Catalysis Communications 121 15 (2019)

Determination of the prevailing n-butenes dimerization mechanism over nickel containing Al-MCM-41/ZSM-5 mixed-phase catalysts

Felix Alscher, Fabian Nadolny, Henrik Frenzel, et al.
Catalysis Science & Technology 9 (10) 2456 (2019)

Metal Olefin Complexes: Revisiting the Dewar−Chatt−Duncanson Model and Deriving Reactivity Patterns from Carbon‐13 NMR Chemical Shift

Christopher P. Gordon, Richard A. Andersen and Christophe Copéret
Helvetica Chimica Acta 102 (9) (2019)

Nickel(II) complexes with tripodal NNN ligands as homogenous and supported catalysts for ethylene oligomerization

Vladislav A. Tuskaev, Sergei V. Zubkevich, Daniele Saracheno, et al.
Molecular Catalysis 464 29 (2019)

A Dual Functional Tuneable‐Lewis Acid/Sulfur Scavenging Catalyst System for Alpha Olefin Oligomerization

Bojja Ramachandrarao, Kottari Naresh, Ashoutosh Panday and Nettem Venkateswarlu Choudary
ChemistrySelect 4 (36) 10688 (2019)

Selective Ethylene Dimerization by Palladium(II) Complexes Bearing a Phosphinoferrocene Sulfonate Ligand

Martin Zábranský, Werner Oberhauser, Gabriele Manca, Ivana Císařová and Petr Štěpnička
Organometallics 38 (7) 1534 (2019)

Electrochemical Synthesis of Zirconium Pre-Catalysts for Homogeneous Ethylene Oligomerization

Giyjaz E. Bekmukhamedov, Aleksandr V. Sukhov, Aidar M. Kuchkaev, et al.
Catalysts 9 (12) 1059 (2019)

A Rapid Py‐GC/MS Study for Linear Alpha Olefin Production from Fast Pyrolysis of Wax and Waste Polyethylene

Bojja Ramachandrarao, Kottari Naresh, Ashoutosh Panday and Nettem Venkateswarlu Choudary
ChemistrySelect 4 (45) 13245 (2019)

Chemistries and processes for the conversion of ethanol into middle-distillate fuels

Nathaniel M. Eagan, Mrunmayi D. Kumbhalkar, J. Scott Buchanan, James A. Dumesic and George W. Huber
Nature Reviews Chemistry 3 (4) 223 (2019)

An exciting opportunity for zeolite adsorbent design in separation of C4 olefins through adsorptive separation

Hilman Ibnu Mahdi and Oki Muraza
Separation and Purification Technology 221 126 (2019)

Carbon-13 NMR Chemical Shift: A Descriptor for Electronic Structure and Reactivity of Organometallic Compounds

Christopher P. Gordon, Christophe Raynaud, Richard A. Andersen, Christophe Copéret and Odile Eisenstein
Accounts of Chemical Research 52 (8) 2278 (2019)

Ethylene Oligomerization Study Bearing Nickel (II) and Cobalt (II) Complexes with N, O‐Donor Schiff Bases as Ligands

Jinyi Liu, Jun Wang, Liduo Chen, Na Zhang, Tianyu Lan and Libo Wang
ChemistrySelect 4 (47) 13959 (2019)

Selectivity Effects on N,N,N′-Cobalt Catalyzed Ethylene Dimerization/Trimerization Dictated through Choice of Aluminoxane Cocatalyst

Yongfeng Huang, Randi Zhang, Tongling Liang, et al.
Organometallics 38 (5) 1143 (2019)

Computational screening of MOF-supported transition metal catalysts for activity and selectivity in ethylene dimerization

Jingyun Ye, Laura Gagliardi, Christopher J. Cramer and Donald G. Truhlar
Journal of Catalysis 360 160 (2018)

Ethylene Dimerization and Oligomerization to 1-Butene and Higher Olefins with Chromium-Promoted Cobalt on Carbon Catalyst

Zhuoran Xu, Joseph P. Chada, Lang Xu, et al.
ACS Catalysis 8 (3) 2488 (2018)

Bridging the Gap between Industrial and Well‐Defined Supported Catalysts

Christophe Copéret, Florian Allouche, Ka Wing Chan, Matthew P. Conley, Murielle F. Delley, Alexey Fedorov, Ilia B. Moroz, Victor Mougel, Margherita Pucino, Keith Searles, Keishi Yamamoto and Pavel A. Zhizhko
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57 (22) 6398 (2018)

Evidence for the Coordination–Insertion Mechanism of Ethene Dimerization at Nickel Cations Exchanged onto Beta Molecular Sieves

Ravi Joshi, Guanghui Zhang, Jeffrey T. Miller and Rajamani Gounder
ACS Catalysis 8 (12) 11407 (2018)

From alternating to selective distributions in chromium-catalysed ethylene oligomerisation with asymmetric BIMA ligands

James D. Nobbs, Atanas K. Tomov, Craig T. Young, Andrew J. P. White and George J. P. Britovsek
Catalysis Science & Technology 8 (5) 1314 (2018)

Tuning Bis(imino)pyridyl Iron‐Catalyzed Ethylene Oligomerization by Modification of MAO with p‐BrPhOH

Wei Zhang, Jian Ye, Binbo Jiang, Jingdai Wang, Zuwei Liao, Zhengliang Huang, Yongrong Yang and Zhibin Ye
Macromolecular Reaction Engineering 12 (2) (2018)

Eine Brücke zwischen industriellen und wohldefinierten Trägerkatalysatoren

Christophe Copéret, Florian Allouche, Ka Wing Chan, Matthew P. Conley, Murielle F. Delley, Alexey Fedorov, Ilia B. Moroz, Victor Mougel, Margherita Pucino, Keith Searles, Keishi Yamamoto and Pavel A. Zhizhko
Angewandte Chemie 130 (22) 6506 (2018)

The Alcohol‐to‐Jet Conversion Pathway for Drop‐In Biofuels: Techno‐Economic Evaluation

Scott Geleynse, Kristin Brandt, Manuel Garcia‐Perez, Michael Wolcott and Xiao Zhang
ChemSusChem 11 (21) 3728 (2018)

Amines as effective ligands in iridium-catalyzed decarbonylative dehydration of biosourced substrates

Jérémy Ternel, Bastien Léger, Eric Monflier and Frédéric Hapiot
Catalysis Science & Technology 8 (15) 3948 (2018)

Ti alkoxide-based catalyst system in selective ethylene dimerization: High performance through modifying by alkylsilanes

Peyman Bigdeli, Majid Abdouss and Sadegh Abedi
Chemical Engineering Communications 205 (1) 102 (2018)

NMR chemical shift analysis decodes olefin oligo- and polymerization activity of d 0 group 4 metal complexes

Christopher P. Gordon, Satoru Shirase, Keishi Yamamoto, et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (26) (2018)

Effect of aluminum on the mesoporous materials support of heterogenized Nickel β-diimine in oligomerization reactions

Enéderson Rossetto, Tatiana Zanette, Rafael Silva da Rocha, et al.
Molecular Catalysis 458 287 (2018)

Nickel-based ethylene oligomerization catalysts supported by PNSiP ligands

Yongwang Huang, Le Zhang, Wei Wei, Fakhre Alam and Tao Jiang
Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Silicon and the Related Elements 193 (6) 363 (2018)

Nanocrystalline H‐RTH Zeolite: An Efficient Catalyst for the Low‐Temperature Dehydration of Ethanol to Ethene

Jeong Hwan Lee, Sujin Lee and Suk Bong Hong
ChemSusChem 11 (13) 2035 (2018)

Olefin oligomerization via new and efficient Brönsted acidic ionic liquid catalyst systems

Guoqin Wang, Heyuan Song, Ruiyun Li, Zhen Li and Jing Chen
Chinese Journal of Catalysis 39 (6) 1110 (2018)